Woman loses 3-month-old Pregnancy after allegedly being assaulted by NSCDC Officials in Ibadan

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A trader in Ibadan identified as Mrs Funmilola Adekoya has lost her three month-old pregnancy after she was allegedly assaulted by some officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Oyo State Command in Ibadan.

According to the victim, the incident occurred on September 29th at Floor 2, Gbangbalolonwa complex, Idi-Ope, Imonlefalafia, Oke-Ado Ibadan.

She further alleged that she lost her pregnancy after an NSCDC operative pressed an electrical gadget on her stomach then sprayed her with a gaseous substance which left her unconscious.

“When the men who were guarded by two NSCDC operatives entered my shop, they claimed to be collecting N2,000 tax for the Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue.

“However, I made them understand that I had not made any sales that morning, besides, there was no pre-notice of their coming and so did not prepare any money ahead, she said

“I pleaded with the alleged tax collectors to give me some hours to make money, probably by afternoon I would have made money, but they threatened to apply force against me. Then, they insisted on sealing up my shop and I tried to prevent them.

“One of the NSCDC operative later dragged me out of the shop, injected me with an electrical gadget and also sprayed my face with a gaseous substance”.

Public Relation Officer (PRO) of NSCDC in Oyo State, Mr. Oluwole Olusegun who confirmed the incident on Sunday October 4, said it was still under investigation.


  1. Nigeria securities nowadays, instead of upholding law but they are the one breaking it. Now, NSCDC are the tax collector now on behalf of state government. Nigeria are now turning to lawless country in the hands of those we called upholding law.

  2. Our securities need to be overhauling generally because some of them are not honourably accept this force but what to eat, most of them are not well trained if they are well trained but they don’t accept the training tactics. Security agencies are human being like us and they should not treat us like animals, we are all human being.

  3. Instead of having mercy of citizens in their hearts, they always compound the issues on the citizens. The security agencies should respect women no matter the case may be, you are expert and there are so many ways to exploit to tackle it without fighting her. You inflicted pain on her to extend of loosing her pregnancy. They are wicked.

  4. The investigation must did properly because I can believe what the woman said concerning the allegations against the officer. It true you had that from the state government for the tax, so the can not give you any notice before coming. But let the investigation still continue.

  5. Let be realistic, is it possible to shock her with electric had get on her stomach? They are government workers and all this was provided to them by state government. Before they stated coming out asking for the taxation I know state will have done the proper announcement on radio station and news paper, this excuse you are giving that they did not notify you before coming is wrong. Anyway let the investigation continue and see how you lost your 3month old pregnant.

  6. They should beat him too till he lost that hand that he use to beat somebody’s wife. Shame on this man. Why can’t you respect woman

  7. These men in uniform really need a psychiatric to run test over them before being recruited. Some of them behaved abnormally

  8. That is bad oo. They shouldn’t result to violent against citizens over peth matters… That officer deserve to be punished

  9. This uniform is deceiving this people, they feel that they are above the law, it’s time we rise up against it. Let him be made to pay for such lost.

  10. I don’t know this Civil Defense people as this bad o, but this is a bad news why spraying the gaseous substance on her face, which means they want to kill her as they have done. Woman God will give you another child that will stay for you.

  11. Doing this to a fellow human being is inhumane, the problem we are having is that they don’t use to punish them because if they do they would have changed to better. This is cruelty.

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