End SARS protesters block Lekki toll gate as they reject IGP’s solution to end SARS and deploy SARS officers to other factions

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Following the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS, the IGP also noted that the officers will be deployed to other factions of the police. This development did not go down well with Nigerians as they have continued the end SARS protests.

This morning, a number of protesters formed a human chain at the Lekki toll gate, demanding that the government ends SARS completely.

“End SARS now, not deployment,” the protesters chanted as they blocked the toll gate, preventing commuters from going through

Several Nigerians have stated that this isn’t the first time the promise to disband SARS has been made, the only difference this time being the language used, yet nothing gets done. Some pointed out that having the same rogue officers deployed to other units in the force will mean that the assault on the youths will continue, albeit in a different form.

A form making the rounds asking Nigerians to tick their demands, has seen people simply asking the authorities to end SARS completely and not redeploy the officers.


  1. They should not only sack the SARS officers but they should re orientate the total police force so that they should start behaving well and do their work professionally
    They should leave our roads and stop molesting innocent motorists

  2. Federal government should scrap this SARS completely not only disband, IGP should come out and say something about it.

  3. We said, we don’t want them anymore because the way SARS are handling issues is uncalled for. Government should should take drastic steps without delay.

  4. They should try once to hear our voices, we are repeatedly telling you that we don’t want SARS because of their maltreatment Nigerians are met from them. Government should reform the police completely.

  5. I don’t think this idea is good
    I mean to #EndSARS Completely, I said so because I know that they (SARS) are helping matters in terms of armed robbers and Kidnappers, so Since they have been stopped in harassing the youths, Checking people’s phones, stop and search at check points etc. So I think they should only focus on kidnappers and Armed Robbers than to say they are completely dissolved.

  6. People are just annoyed, that is the problem
    The hardship in the country is unbearable
    It is not only this SARS matter they want to settle by this protest
    The truth of the matter is that from it, they enter the main protest.

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