#EndSARS protest: Video of Ojah B, manager of singer Oxlade being dragged on the ground into a police station in Surulere

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A video of Ojah B, manager of singer Oxlade being dragged on the floor into a police station in Surulere area of Lagos state after being arrested during an #EndSARS protest has gone viral. 

Some Nigerian celebrities have taken to social media to raise an alarm over the arrest and demand his release.


  1. This Nigerian Police Force should just stop existence… Why are treating the innocent civilians like a petty criminals… After we all have freedom of information and expressions which we are mandated to have… Is it a crime now to express ourselves…

  2. This is an eye sore. So upon all these shoutings, clamoring and complaints against the police, they still don’t want to thread with caution and act accordingly and professionally
    This is shameful and the whole world should make sure these police men are dealt with severely

  3. Is this not the police that we protesting against? This federal government give them the order to arrest the protesters? They will turn this to federal government vs civilian war. Because police are standing as federal government can not cancel them, but we citizen also we not gree as well.

  4. A leopard can’t change its spot. Can Nigerian government sees this i.e IGP, the president, the vice president, the Senate president etc. We are complaining about the brutality of SARS and the police said that is small. Government should do the overhauling of police force entirely.

  5. I’m always wondering wether all these policemen went through any training, orientation and enlightment on how to be dealing with unharmed civilians. Government should look for a way to reorientate them.

  6. See how useless police officer are dragging our civilian to arrest, is this truly a country, Nigeria is not a good country i swear. President muhammadu buhari is very useless.

  7. The lives and properties of Nigerians are guaranteed and secured in the hands of Nigeria police and even other securities. Can’t we express our grievances any more? The way the police are treating Nigerians are very bad and awful.

  8. Just see how they are dragging him as if the guy is a criminal nawa oh. Nigerian Police should please release that guy joor
    He was only exercising his right as a Nigerian so they should please free him let him go.

  9. This Nigerian Police Force Should Just Stop Existenc why Are Treating The Innocent Civilians Like a Criminals… After We All Have Freedom Of Information And Expressions Which We Are Mandated To Have

  10. You can’t trust anybody these days…you think you have a good friend till you turn around and realize they have the knife 6 inches deep in your back….include the police.

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