Gov Wike bows to public pressure makes U-turn and joins #EndSARS protesters in Rivers state (video)

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Governor Nyesom Wike was forced to join the EndSARS protesters in Rivers state today October 13 after they all marched to the state government house and asked him to come out and address them.

Recall that on Monday, October 12, the governor banned residents of the state from staging any #EndSARS protest.

On Tuesday morning, the residents trooped out in their numbers, defied his order, and staged a protest. Governor Wike was forced to come out to speak with them.

Watch a video of him talking to the protesters below


  1. It is nice he made a u turn and joined the protesters because he invariably does not have any other option than to do so.
    How does he think he can give such an order and expect people to obey it nah. It is not possible

  2. It Is Nice He Made A U Turn And Joined The Protesters Because He Invariably Does Not Have Any Other Option Than To Do So.
    How Does He Think He Can Give Such An Order And Expect People To Obey It Nah. It Is Not Possible

  3. That’s how leaders ought to be doing. Gentility of a tiger doesn’t mean it can’t fight but observing. This is a welcome development from empror wike.

  4. Why did he ban them in the first instance? Instead of you to condemn the acts of SARS, you now said you ban all forms of protest. We really to commend you on this for swallow your pride and address them.

  5. I will implore all the leaders to have listening hear instead of resulting in using power or force on the followers. Using force on the followers are not solving most of the problems always in it heat it up. Kudos to governor wike

  6. I was surprised that he made a U- turn o
    He made the U turn and still join them in the protest wow this is really a good news because the Wike that I know is a very strict man, which means the pressure was really much on him.

  7. Governor wike is a good man, he mistakingly say the wrong word before to confuse the Federal audience, may be they will think wike had council the protest on his State, wike used joker for them, he later join the protesters to put his effort that#sarsMustGo

  8. I like governor wike for his solid reaction, he see that he is trying to make a mistake and he use his senses later, let thank his good advicer that make him u-turn

  9. this man has been the one against SARS so y will he say that should not protest is not right nd I knew that they will not listing to him

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