I can confidently say we don’t have a president…Lord Help Us – Apostle Suleman

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Apostle Johnson Suleman has said that he is confident that Nigeria doesn’t have a President.

Taking to his Twitter handle this morning, the clergy man wrote;

”In same climes,the president by now would had gotten the contacts of the victims families and reached out to them personally. but 48hrs after a black tuesday, President Buhari hasn’t even addressed the nation.h e hasn’t come out to condemn it. I can confidently say we dont have a president.

Lord help us..”

I can confidently say we don


  1. Even I was surprised seeing president a whole president not talk about the shouting at lekki toll gate in his address, this is very bad of him.

  2. I don’t think this is president buhari we voted for in if not everybody will be taking law into his without anyone giving them executive order to do so. No one speak about the issue of massacred at lekki.

  3. It looks like we don’t have president with the attitude of the one on the seat, just taking issues with levity hand without feeling concern, he doesn’t even address the issue of killing people by Nigeria army.

  4. That is true… The is worst president this country as ever had…. Despite all this problems has never said anything regarding this matter… useless president…

  5. Truely we don’t have a president in this country called Nigeria
    Since it has been a rumour going viral now it has come to our knowledge that its pure truth. Currently now God is our president.

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