Edo prisoner kills neighbour who testified against him in court hours after jailbreak

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One of the inmates who escaped from prisons Oko and Benin prisons in Edo state has killed his neighbour who had testified against him assured in court but has been rearrested.

This was disclosed by the Edo state Commissioner, who revealed that the inmates who escaped, immediately returned to crime and were re-arrested by the police.

“We have commenced actions against the criminal elements. It will interest you to know that 10 of the criminal elements who escaped from Oko Correctional Centre on Airport Road, Benin and the Correctional Centre on Sapele Road, Benin were also arrested,” he said

“One of them, after having escaped from Oko correctional centre, ran back to his village on the same day, to kill the person who stood as a prosecution witness in the case that took him to the correctional centre. He has been arrested and he is among the suspects.

“Another group of three escapees from the correctional centre in Benin also went ahead to snatch a Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Three of them met at the correctional centre and they were caught by the police.

“A set of two escapees equally stole a Toyota Camry car. They also met at the correctional centre. They were arrested by Okada Division of Edo State Police Command. We have a total of ten escapees. The guns were also recovered from the criminal elements.

“The police have the capacity to provide adequate security for their lives and property. We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that there is total safety. Edo residents should go about their lawful businesses without fear of being molested and without fear of criminals coming to wreck violent attacks,” he assured

The commissioner also said five AK-47 rifles; two locally-made exhibit guns; one locally-made gun; one Lexus 330 SUV with registration number KWL 205 AZ; one Toyota Camry saloon car with registration number LSD 231 GD; two bags of 50kg and one bag of 25kg rice and 24 crates of assorted drinks were recovered.


  1. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret….hmm may the neigbhour soul rest in peace oo

  2. Never do anything when you are in a temper, for you will do everything wrong…the prisioner as commit a crime to be jail an innocent soul.may soul rest in peace

  3. Committing crime over crime instead of repent and sober of the crime that he has committed. They should punish them more.

  4. hahahaha…stupid people who thought they were doing the police and government harm by burning and opening the prisons for criminals to escape.. una never see anything yet..where are the remaining 1,800 plus inmates? Are they not living among u people now? u people will learn ur lessons now that its not good to do unlawful things.. may God punish all the enemies of Nigeria ijn

  5. Lesson: it’s not everything that someone sees that someone must say or talk about, I pity the neighbour anyways…. the criminal should be brought to book immediately

  6. This is wonderful and a bad story to hear
    I hope all of them have been rearrested so that they will not be a nuisance in the community

  7. What exactly are you correcting in prisons when these prisoners shortly after their escapes immediately went to crime?

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