“I felt I was going to die” – British-Nigerian who witnessed the Lekki toll gate shootings narrates experience

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Ephraim, a British-Nigerian activist, who said he was at the Lekki toll gate during the shootings on 20-10-2020, has narrated his experience.

Ephraim who grew up in London and returned to Nigeria to start a business took part in the End SARS protests and was at the Lekki toll gate when the military opened fire on peaceful protesters on the 20th of October, 2020.

Speaking to BBC he said “After seeing bodies being throwing into the truck, I felt I was going to die there.”

According to him children were also shot at the Lekki toll gate. He alleged that a boy who could not have been more than 13 had his hand blown off.

He said he grew up hearing the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, yet it’s still the same old faces who have been leading the country for years.


  1. Thank God you are coming up to talk
    The action of the military that day was uncalled for and without reason
    It was Carlos and wicked shooting at innocent protesters that were very very peaceful without arms

  2. Those old faces that are ruling us right from almost 40 years are the one that we are still parading up til moment, youths should stand up and send them back to their compulsory retirement.

  3. If we (youths) don’t stand up to our responsibility those old men won’t leave, they are just saying youths are the leaders of tomorrow by mouth not by working towards it. Lekki toll gate shooting is sad event.

  4. Lekki toll gate sad incident, military are telling us that it’s Photoshop but everybody knows that it’s not. If those leaders refused to say the truth one day it shall reveal. Those old faces are still the same ruling us.

  5. That’s to show everything that happened at the lekki toll gate was fact,let this man be protected because they may come for him.

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