Lootings: Most Nigerian Youths on Social media are high on drugs – Lawmaker, Alli Macaulay

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Lagos state Lawmaker, Mojisola Alli Macaulay has said most Nigerian youths on Social media are high on drugs all the time.

Speaking during a plenary at the Lagos State House of Assembly on the looting and pandemonium, in the wake of the End SARS protest that was hijacked by hoodlums, Mojisola warned that the National Orientation Agency (NOA) needs to help change the attitude of the youths adding that unemployment is not an excuse for looting.

“The National Orientation Agency needs to get to work. We need to begin to orientate our young people. They need people who can talk to them from time to time.

“They are high on drugs all the time, most of them. They go to social media and say all sorts of things.

“I schooled in the UK and I saw a lot of young people who were not employed but they didn’t become hoodlums, she said


  1. Can’t she are senses with what she is saying? Comparing UK with Nigeria, when it’s bad things they will compare other developed country with Nigeria but when it’s come to the level of development never never compare it. That’s bad indeed.

  2. What kind of expression is this? Are they not paying unemployment benefit to those unemployed graduate in UK? Do we have the same level of condusive atmosphere for learning? You are also on abuse of drugs.

  3. Are you people not the one who is using those hoodlums, buying different of drugs for them including weapons in order to win elections. Don’t worry we (youths) are ready for you in 2023 to come by God’s grace.

  4. This woman is very crazy. More than crazy
    She does not only need the national orientation agency to work on her but needs to be attended to by a psychiatric doctor
    what the hell is this woman saying
    I wonder why some people talk the way they talk

  5. You must be very mad for that….I swear if not that you have an opportunity, do you think you feat for we’re you are????? Well is non of your fault, the fault came from your constituents unit that vote for you. Mad person….please without job….what again???

  6. you succeeded in saying rubbish. Are you saying that only the youths use social media? Are you saying that no youth is responsible? It’s only in Nigeria, people like you can be given such exalted position with your emptiness.

  7. This woman is absolutely talking rubbish. Is it because her father had money to send her to school. If her father didn’t have money and she leaved in Ajegunle I guess she would have been a looter. She just talking rubbish. If a minister or a governor can his this kind of palliative. He or she is a bigger thief and shld be persecuted. All of them are big thieves.

  8. I believe you have a kid too.
    They also drug lords. You people say we are the future of the country but you keep spoiling our image.

  9. were is this one coming from am very sorry for the local government because they don’t have anybody representing them because this woman don’t have sense

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