We deserve good governance in Nigeria – Wizkid

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Popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid has shared his experience with police brutality.

He revealed this speaking to Capital Xtra’s ‘The Norte Show’ where he disclosed that he had been a victim of police brutality.

Wizkid revealed that he would have been a coward if he had not added his voice to the call by fellow Nigerians demanding an end to police brutality and extra judicial killings in the country adding that Nigeria deserves good governance

He said,

“Police brutality is a serious situation back home in Nigeria. It has been 60 years of political injustice, nepotism, madness and corruption at the highest level.

It is sad that my son is about to be 10 years old and Nigeria is still going through all these madness. If I didn’t speak up or use my voice, then I would be a coward. I will continue to speak about things that affect people in their daily lives.

I had been a victim of police brutality before I became popular and I know it still goes on. That needs to end. We deserve good governance in Nigeria.”


  1. You have not mentioned it all including insecurities, then if we can’t speak up now when is it going to be? We are just going backwards everyday.

  2. God bless you you wizkid, many have been killed against the police brutality and no one to ask them. Our government doesn’t care about the people they govern, they are just after their pockets.

  3. If to count what Nigerians are encountering from the police or governments the world will pity us. During the life time of our great grand parents they said that Nigeria will be better up till now there’s no no sign that Nigeria will be better. Over to you God.

  4. You have raised your voice and we will continue raising our voices, government doesn’t care for us except their family and if we didn’t keep quiet one will be one day.

  5. Thanks with Wizkid for adding up to the fight against police brutality
    this set of humans has really enslave us for long they punish innocent citizens whether guilty or not guilty it is bad for our dear country God help us

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