15 year old shares Story of how she was raped by her Father and his Friends.

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A 15 year old girl has narrated her ordeal of how she was beaten and raped by her father who has been arrested and his friends.

In an interview with Channels TV, the victim stated that she use to live with her mother’s sister in the village but her father came to take her when she was 13 years.

“Since that 13 years, he has been sleeping with me up till now. He start like this, when I was sleeping, he romanced me. I was asking ‘Ahn ahn. What is the problem?’ He said that nothing, he just wants me to know that I am his daughter, that he’s not going to do anything bad to me.

“I now said ‘no problem, since it’s like that.’ We now played that time. The next day, I was not feeling fine so he used me.”

She said that from then, her father continued to rape her whenever he wanted and whenever she refused, he would beat her up until she was too weak to scream.

“And he did not used to give me chance for me to move and tell people ‘see what is happening’. He normally threaten me. The times that his friends came to our house, maybe, suddenly, they do not go that day and they want to sleep, he’ll ask me to go so that they will use me.

“If I refuse, he will beat me. But I allowed some people to use me, three of them. They’ve arrested him, at least I’ve have some peace now (sic), ” she added.

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