Insecurity: Nigeria is suffering from International Politics – Ahmad Lawan

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Senate president, Ahmad Lawan says the reason why there is no improvement on the war been raged against insecurity is because Nigeria is suffering from International politics.

According to him, it is hard for Nigeria to purchase required machinery from foreign countries.

“To some extent, we are suffering from international politics. I know that in our efforts to try to buy spare parts for jets, they may write to a certain foreign government and it will take six to nine months while another country will write to the same government and maybe get it in one or two months,” he said.

“We need more personnel for the police, Nigerian immigration Service, and almost all the agencies and paramilitary as well,” he added


  1. Its a pity that Apc government failed to realised that governance is not about politice but performance. Every country has its own security challeges but what makes the difference how they tackle it. Nigeria is not worst in security challenges but the problem is how the government tackle it. When u extend olive branch to criminalities, what do u expect. Crime will definitely embrace u. This government has never been serious in tackling terrorism otherwise how many Boko Haram terrorists arrested have been prosecuted.

  2. That is what you (leaders) portrait Nigeria in the face of other countries. We need to value ourselves first before expecting other people to value. Empower us in Nigeria so we will be able to stand on our feet.

  3. Please there’s no need to cry after spilling a milk. What Nigeria needs now is to buckle up and face it’s challenges

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