South-East will produce Nigeria’s president in 2023 – Jim Nwobodo

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Former Governor of Old Anambra, Senator Jim Nwobodo is confident that Nigeria’s next president will emerge from the south eastern region of the country.

In a statement he made, Nwobodo urged everyone to support the motion as it would only be fair if an Igbo man or woman should emerge victorious as president come 2023.

He went further to add that anyone who does not believe in the 2023 Igbo presidency project, does not wish Nigeria well.

“2023 will be the turn of South East to produce the Nigerian president. So, I am calling on other parts of the country to support the project for the interest of justice, equity and fair play. The South- East geo political zone of the country deserves to produce the next president who will succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in the next political dispensation.” he said


  1. The problem you (south east) are having is that you always lonely in your all affairs without wanting another geopolitical zone which will be unfair to your zone. Until you learn how to accommodate others, you may not have your way.

  2. Yes, we need an Igbo man to rule us
    We have been ruled by yourubas and the Hausas for too long
    It’s time the Igbo man take a place and let’s see how Nigeria changes

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