I pray to have a son like Hushpuppi – Nigerian lady shares on Facebook

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A Facebook user, @Ada Jesus shared a post that has gotten people talking.

In a post she shared on Facebook, she said she prays to have a son like the alleged internet fraudster, Hushpuppi.

Sharing photos of him, she added that in her next life he will be her husband.

She wrote:
“I pray to have a son like u, and in my next life u will my husband. Wisdom man, may God be with u brother.. Nobody holy pass.”


  1. Shebi you have not married yet, you can still wait for him till the time he will return in order to be your husband. If you have son like hushpussi then you won’t esitate to cry later in the night.

  2. A gold digger will always fall for anyone with cash to spend. When one is jobless and makes no effort to learn any vacational training, she depends on men for survival, even if the men are criminal, it doesnt matter. Such people lack morals and are nothing to write home about. Its only a fool that derive pleasure in associating with a criminal

  3. Of all things to say ma
    No one associates with a criminal na but that’s your choice
    I hope you reevaluate your statement

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