Oyedepo’s claim of healing Coronavirus is reckless and irresponsible – Leo Igwe

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Founder of the Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN), Leo Igwe says Living faith church General Overseer, Bishop Oyedepo’s claim of healing some members of his church of Coronavirus is reckless and irresponsible.
Oyedepo on Sunday had disclosed that his church has recorded 114 COVID-19 healings. He said the above number had publicly testified of being healed from COVID-19.

Reacting to this, Igwe says Oyedepo’s claim could lead people to indulge in risky behaviours believing their faith will heal them if ever they get infected.

Igwe noted that the cleric’s healing claim goes contrary to the directives and positions of the WHO.

“The claim is weighty, reckless, and irresponsible. His faith healing claim is capable of making people throw caution to the wind, indulge in risky behaviors while believing that their faith would heal them if they contract the virus,” he added.

“This faith healing claim by Oyedepo is a piece of misinformation because faith healing is superstition- not a science-based proposition.

“There is no evidence that anybody could be healed of coronavirus as Oyedepo. Unfortunately, this faith healing report from Winners’ church was not balanced and did not contain any perspective from the NCDC, or the health ministry, or a public health expert.

“This faith-healing claim has the potential of misleading the public, especially at a time of so much fear, panic, and uncertainty over the spread and cure of COVID-19.

“The lockdown has adversely affected the religious market. But the way to get the authorities to lift the ban on public gathering in churches is not to spread lies and misinformation about COVID-19 as Oyedepo has done.

“COVID-19 constitutes a public health challenge, and church leaders should be mindful of the claims that they make.”


  1. There is no healing of any kind that can take place without the complete healing of the spiritual soul cum being. Infact the spiritual healing occurs first before the bodily healing takes place failure to cure the spiritual being brings about the total collapse of immune system of the body. Its the healing of the spiritual body the abundantly boost the immune system of the sick to survive the sickness the body may have. This spiritual healing become effective with the faith one possess. This is what most church leaders use to claim cure of the afflicted in their churches. Recall that T.B Joshua also claim to have healed a coronavirus patient and called for those in isolation to come for healing

  2. Oga calm down
    Oyedepo never said his members should disregard guidelines pls
    And this is God healing power pls

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