Frank Edwards may not make heaven because of his ‘wordly’ hair cut – Evangelist warns…lol

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An evangelist has warned that men with a certain type of haircut will not make heaven.

Victor Edet shared photos of men who shaved the side of their head lower than the middle. Music minister, Frank Edwards is one of the men pictured. Victor Edet added that the hairstyle is wordly and any Christian who has such hairstyle will not make heaven.

He wrote: “ANY Christian who goes about with this haircut is worldly. And such Christian won’t make it to Heaven, Frank Edward and Co should take note.”

Frank Edwards may not make heaven because of his


  1. Judgement isn’t one of our duties as Christians. We have no authority to determine who goes to heaven or who doesn’t.

  2. Its only God that choose who makes heaven. God is not interest in asha and dust as man flesh is made of. God is interested in your soul. When you die, your body and whatever style you alloted to it goes to dust where it was originally created while your soul goes to jugdement

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