Stay-at-home Mom returns N14M erroneously transferred to her account

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Mrs Josephine Nchetaka Chukwujama Eze, a mother-of-three who lives in Enugu with her husband has returned approximately 14million naira erroneously transferred to her account.

She had received an alert from Sankiya Global Investment Ltd, a company she didn’t know and had no transaction with as she made up her mind to return the money.

She also told her husband and he agreed it was the right thing to do. The following day being Tuesday, Mrs Chukwujama, in company of her husband visited her bank at Zik Avenue, and informed the bank about the alert she received.

Her husband, Chukwujama Eze, a journalist and lawyer, revealed that a number of people have condemned them for being naive and not “smart” enough. However, he said he’s proud of his wife.


  1. Good of you for taking bold step because sometimes ways to greatness might be tough but someone needs make up his/her mind to achieve that greatness. You are worthy of emulation ma.

  2. You are a great woman and worthy of emulation to your children and remaining women at large. It rares to take that drastic step in this time that most of the people are in need of money badly. You deserve an award.

  3. Waoh good news to hear. This is the right thing to do. No one is supposed to take what does not belong to her or him
    God will reward them for this emulatable act of theirs
    May God bless this woman and the husband who found it wise and right to support her in returning this huge amount that does not belong to them
    It now the turn of the establishment that made the transfer into her account to know what to do for the family

  4. But if I notice is the government that sent it I would not return ooh.
    Cause it’s part of my money and my fathers money we have bring longing to get.

  5. Jesu’s that a very forstressing…..Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss, our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time…their is hope.

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