Buhari calls for joint effort to restore Mali to its civil administration

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President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to the recent happenings in Mali which involved a military coup d’etat that led to overthrow of the government of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on Tuesday, August 17.

In a statement posted on his Twitter handle on Thursday August 20, President Buhari called out for all hands to be on deck for the restoration of Mali to its civil administration.

The tweet reads;

“The events in Mali are great setbacks for regional diplomacy, with grave consequences for the peace and security of West Africa. It is time for the unconstitutional ‘authority’ in Mali to act responsibly and ensure restoration of constitutional order, peace and stability.

“Nigeria strongly supports the efforts of ECOWAS Chairman, President Mahamadou Issoufou, for wider regional and continental consultations with ECOWAS, the AU and the UN, and the adoption of strong measures to bring speedy resolution to the situation.

”A politically stable Mali is paramount and crucial to the stability of the sub-region. We must all join efforts, ECOWAS, the AU, the UN and other stakeholders, and work together until sanity returns to Mali with the restoration of Civil Administration.”


  1. The whole truth of the matter is that democracy is supposed to be the best form of government and governance but in Africa, the reverse is the case
    Our leaders hide under democratic rule to perpetrate so much evil and bad governance
    I feel this is what makes the military to always come in when the cries of the masses becomes too much

  2. Oga they say charity begins at home keep ur home in order before u can talk about another person own if u can’t just resign pls

  3. It’s good to restore civil administration to the nation as it was called by the president Muhammad buhari because worst of democracy is better than the military regime.

  4. President Muhammad should also restore peace in his own country because charity begins at home. More so, the military should step aside and allow the democracy to return to the nation.

  5. How many time have you called for joint effort to stop the killings in the country you are ruling. The man decided to step down to avoid blood shed, can’t Nigeria leaders do same?

  6. Something sound fishy what is the business with our president and Mali,his not even able to support his own country.
    Settle your home first then you can help your others.

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