Nigeria will break if we release full NDDC contract list – Cairo Ojougboh

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The executive director of projects at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Cairo Ojougboh, says Nigeria will break if the commission releases the full list of contracts that have been awarded to highly paced Nigerians by the Commission.

In an interview with Vanguard, Ojougboh revealed that Nwaoboshi and Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on NDDC, and the rest of the National Assembly “are culpable” in the contracts.

“The National Assembly is culpable. At the end of the forensic audit, you will see members of the national assembly. A senator came and said that in the list of 2016 they brought, that he had only six contracts, I said no, that he had more. What he didn’t know is that we did not release the list for 2017 and the one for 2019. If we release it this country will break.

“Oh, because of the people looting, the calibre, the names and people looting the NDDC. And who engineers it? The chairmen of the NDDC in the senate and house of representatives in the national assembly.” he said

Ojougboh said the N51 million spent by the acting managing director of the commission was their ”security vote”.

“My MD feeds 100 policemen every day and in Port Harcourt as an executive of NDDC, you need security more than anything, till tomorrow, you know of it. When they are sending these policemen, the instruction is to feed them, cater for them, that is what is in the letter the police hierarchy sends,” he said

“So people are talking about 51 million of imprest for the MD, it is a security vote, it’s not for his personal pocket, the money does not go to the MD’s account. Myself, N18 million, it does not go to my account, it goes for security and other expenses and it is retired, there is no fraud in it.”

On the N3.14 billion spent on COVID-19 relief for staff during the pandemic, the NDDC director said

“They are talking about COVID-19 payment, the federal government is given every citizen N30,000 each, do you know how much the federal government has spent? The CBN and many other corporations have been giving COVID-19 allowances, which are within their purview, just like NDDC did.

“In the national assembly, each of the senators got N20 million, while the house of representatives members got N15 million for COVID-19 from the national assembly.” he said


  1. See the type of annoying stories one will be hearing from this country. Our so called managers of the affairs of this nation have damaged us. They have looted all our funds. Our collective wealth is gone, gone down the drain into private pockets. That is why nothing is moving, the roads are not constructed, no good schools, no hospitals, no job employment, no power supply, no pipe borne water, no adequate security
    Schools are in comatose and hunger is the order of the day ravaging the masses
    A small percentage of the populace who by one crook way or the other found themselves in government appointment or office or position are busy siphoning the common wealth of all of us
    When will all these rubbish stop in this nation and the people’s wealth use for the betterment of all
    God save us…o

  2. Can you imagine! Mr. Man you better say their names o because weather you say it or not the Nigeria I know have broken since, we are just looking for a way to amend it. So by saying or listing their name may amend it and not breaking it

  3. Listen to yourself, Nigeria will explode as how. You mean if everybody has the privilege to collect the contract and they should not bother of doing it. I suggest this man also should handover to EFCC for prosecution about the statement he uttered.

  4. Then, what is the meaning of the investigation or enquiry that you are doing if to release the findings will be the problem. Don’t you know that the corruption will continue if you didn’t publisize the name of those involved in this atrocities. Release the name and let Nigeria bombs.

  5. Can You Imagine! Mr. Man You Better Say Their Names O Because Weather You Say It Or Not The Nigeria I Know Have Broken Since, We Are Just Looking For A Way To Amend It. So By Saying Or Listing Their Name May Amend It And Not Breaking

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