Buhari to Ministers: you can only see me through Gambari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has informed his ministers who would seek his attention for whatever reason to do so through his chief of staff, Ibrahim Gambari.

Buhari stated this while speaking at the first-year ministerial performance review retreat of his administration, in Abuja on Tuesday.

He also made it known that all federal executive council matters should be coordinated through the secretary general of the federation.

“Let me also reiterate that all submissions for my attention or meeting requests should be channelled through the Chief of Staff.

“While all federal Executive council matters should be coordinated through the secretary to the government of the federation,” Buhari said.

This is the second time the president would give such a directive to ministers.

The first time was in 2019, when Buhari asked them to submit such requests through his former CoS, Abba Kyari.


  1. He Also Made It Known That All Federal Executive Council Matters Should Be Coordinated Through The Secretary General Of The Federation throught their hard work.

  2. what else do u expert this man to say nothing then this but he maybe right so that he can take his time and think of how he put us in more hardship

  3. Nothing bad in what president said because he allows everybody to so him they would not give him rest of and they will just bombard him with problems. And all executive should also direct their matters to the SSG.

  4. Nothing bad in it because he can’t entertain all his aids at all a time, therefore, they should all follow what he said. Even if not the COVID-19 protocols, it’s not proper for all the ministers, executives, and other aids to be seen him always. The burden will be much on them.

  5. It’s started again… This man doesn’t know how to rule at all. How can one man handle all your minister that are appointment by you

  6. I do not know the actual protocols of government and how it is run but if this is the protocol, they should obey it nah. Their master has spoken

  7. Are we concerned about this? If you like your Minister should see your wife or Yusuf your son, we are less concern. This that can never be last. I know what behind it, he wants to use Gambari to face them so that he can Spare himself from covid-19. Anyway do anyhow you like I only know there is nothing like 3rd term, either you like or not by 2023 you we out from villa

  8. Am not surprise at all this has always been he’s pattern of leadership, he did it during he’s first tenure through Anna Kyari.

  9. Difference between success and failure depends on what we decide to do with the 24 hours in our day.Mr.President you are not making good use of this time

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