Granting repentant resurgent amnesty without apologizing cannot bring about peace – Ndume

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Chairman of the senate committee on army, Senator Ali Ndume continues to kick against the pardon given to repentant resurgent.

Speaking with Journalists on Sunday, September 13 the lawmaker representing Borno south made it known that peace cannot be attained by such acts.

The lawmaker who has always urged the federal government to change its tactics in granting amnesty to repentant insurgents, maintained that it is wrong to grant amnesty to terrorists when the war is still far from over.

Ndume further called for more resources to be channelled to resettling the victims of insurgents, while also pointing out that granting amnesty to Boko Haram insurgents without apologizing to the victims and the state cannot bring about the required peace.

Read his statement below:

“The war must be over before we start doing that.

“The military could open up the corridor, allow everybody to enter and start profiling them and keep them somewhere as prisoners of war and train them.

“The current arrangement where the repentant insurgents are granted amnesty without apologizing to the victims and the state cannot bring about the required peace.

“Despite the difficult challenges confronting the military operation in my area, the soldiers deployed to fight the insurgents have been very wonderful.

“At Ngoshe for instance, the military personnel there, apart from repelling the attacks from the insurgents, have mobilized resources to start rebuilding, through direct labour, houses that were destroyed by the Boko Haram fighters. The soldiers did not know the owners of the houses they are rebuilding.”


  1. I don’t even like the way the government is granting amnesty to a group of people that have caused so much havoc in the society and are still causing the havoc as the day passes by
    They have killed so many people, they have injured so many, and they have destroyed properties worth billions of Naira and also looted some. They have abducted people, women and children and have beheaded so many
    Giving them amnesty is a wrong signal to other and to the youth who might see criminality as the best way of life
    These people should have been arrested and dealt with accordingly and severely, so that other criminal minded people should see and stay away from such dastardly acts

  2. Yes.forgiveness is nothing but recognizing the reality that what has happened has already happened, and that there’s no point in allowing it to dominate the rest of your life

  3. Granting them amnesty will solve nothing Because of the lives that have been taken with actions and they also need to pay for it with there lives

  4. I don’t know who brought this idea of Amnesty to our society, This Amnesty has brought more harm than good… You are right on your stance

  5. This is not a welcome idea at all, Why granting them Amnesty nah? Abi will doing that bring back the innocent lives they have wasted or people that they have made homeless and moreover this Amnesty of a thing has caused more harm than good in this nation. So please Amnesty should not be granted.

  6. I hope what government are doing now won’t be regrettable later because when incorporate repentant bokoharam into the society without taking steps of rehabilitate the victims and giving them shelter, food and even housing. Government refused to do that but pardoned terrorist without any for of repentant, I hope it won’t back fire.

  7. Why can’t government firstly taking care of the victims before those repentant terrorist. They should tender their apology to them first because they have killed many lives such as kids, wives, husband and even pregnant women then what are we saying. Who is going to take revenge for those that have been lost through them, if we go to the IDP camp we will see that those were left without taking care of which unfair you are now channel the resources to another place, I will implore the government to think twice on this issue.

  8. Giving Them Amnesty Is A Wrong Signal To Others And To The Youth Who Might See Criminality As The Best Way Of Life
    These People Should Have Been Arrested And Dealt With Severely, So That Other Criminal Minded People Should See And Stay Away From such Acts.

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