Edo Election: Reject Obaseki , he is a dictator – Tinubu tells Edo People

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All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Bola Tinubu, has urged the people of Edo to reject the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Godwin Obaseki during the forthcoming gubentaorial poll.

The former Governor of Lagos state pointed out that Obaseki is a dictator and does not deserve their votes

Speaking in a sponsored broadcast on TVC, the former Lagos state governor said: “Obaseki does not deserve any democratic ballot paper. Don’t vote for him, I appeal to all of you.

He also accused Obaseki of going against the ideals of democracy by “preventing” some state lawmakers from being sworn in when the house of assembly was in crisis.


  1. They should reject obaseki because he is PDP, Bola tinubu is a very selfish man. Just tell us,what is APC achievement since they have been in power

  2. This is a political talk and should not be taken serious by any right thinking person at all. Well this is always the way politicians behave. When they are in the same with you, theybsing your praises and hail you talking so many good things about you, but when things fall apart due to one reason or the other one, they change all over
    I always liken these politicians to the creature called carmelion…. always changing color to suit the present condition of where it is at any point in time
    Tinubu is not an exception so should not be listened to. I don’t even have any one I am supporting because all of them are the same.

  3. Oga tinubu,na you be the dictator no be obaseki. You are controlling majority of youruba people now you want to add Edo people to your list… We no go gree

  4. Obaeski is not a dictator, he’s people love him and loves his state. I believe its because his not in your party that’s why you are saying bullshit about him

  5. Tinubu is a Nigeria bastard is even the most corrupted man in Nigeria. Did he follow the democratic system? Is dictating to Edo people is he from Edo state? Obaseki is a good man and is right person for edo state. So tinubu keep your deity mouth shut.

  6. Why should they reject Obaseki did he commit any crime that will make them reject him? Or is this your own way of rigging the elections. Abeg focus on yoruba land and leave Edo people alone let them do their election in peace. Must APC dominate the whole 36 states of the federation nawa o….

  7. Though I can’t blame you because you are selling your market which is pastor osagie eze iyamu which is APC governorship candidate in the coming Edo election. You have played your part or role for him as national leader of the party. It’s left for Edo people to decide.

  8. What do we expect you to say before? You don’t need to blackmail your opponent before you win the election, what you need to do and we expect from you is to campaign with your achievement because your achievement is the one who suppose to speak for you. Let’s wait and see what will happen wether Edo people will reject obaseki or accept APC aspirant which is POI. May God spare our lives beyond then.

  9. Absolutely wrong, you can’t tell the masses who to vote. Governor Godwin Obaseki has really done well for EDO people so he deserves a second term.

  10. Edo people pls reject brainwashing, leave it for people in Lagos State. Let tinubu continue brainwashing lagosians and remain has their godfather.

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