My life is in Danger – Mailafia claims after third visit to DSS

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A former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Deputy Governor, Obadiah Mailafia has claimed his life is in danger.

Mailafia has been having series of invitations from the Department of State Services (DSS) over a statement he made alleging that a Northern governor is the leader of Boko Haram.

On a second invitation, Mailafia refused to honour the invitation but instead filed a lawsuit seeking a restraining order against his invitation by the police.

Speaking to reporters in Jos, the Plateau State capital, after he was interrogated for a third time by the DSS, Mailafia said he has been getting threats to his life.

“I have indicated that I have reason to believe that my life has been in danger.

“I have no conclusive proof but I get threats, I get calls.

“Where I was staying, on Thursday, I saw some strange people at the gate trying to break in. I jumped the fence and escaped because I don’t know who they are,” he said


  1. I am not suprised because that is the country we live in, a country that when one says the truth they will come after that person to kill him or her. I said it that time that he was exposing them saying that one of the Northern Governors is sponsoring the boko haram people. Please dear Mailafia just be careful Almighty Allah will protect you.

  2. If your supposed to expect the unexpected wouldn’t that make the unexpected expected since your expecting it?Your life cover by God.

  3. In Nigeria when you say the truth, you enter trouble. It is like there are certain truths the so called government of ours are not telling us. It is also obvious that some people are feeding Big from all this insurgency problems if not why are they not listening to this man who came out openly to say that a northern governor is one of the commanders of this dreaded insurgent group called bokoharam
    If truly they want to actually defeat this group, why not the government find out the truth from this fearless man and even get more important facts and revelation fromthis man and use the findings to give a lasting blow to these bokoharam guys
    Instead of threatening the life of this man, this man is supposed to be treated as a king and his information used to tackle this menace called bokoharam bedeviling this nation

  4. As life goes on, there’s new challenges that we all have to face, there’s more problems for us to solve, there’s more mistakes for us to make and to learn from. That’s what life is all about.

  5. Why is our government behaving like this instead of protecting him for giving them the clue on how nail the culprit but ignore the message and after the messenger. That is the reason we don’t have save Nigeria, if you are ready to say The truth they will prefer to use it against you instead of doing the thorough investigation and nail the culprit.

    1. Well that’s Nigeria for us, we all know Nigeria as it’s, in our country if you say the truth is a big problem, if you lie that one is Minor problem, take look at Lamido Sanusi when he was still a governor of Central Bank of Nigeria he always says true then that’s why Nigeria dislike him as a person, the harress was the same affecting him when he become Emir of kano, the later remove him because of his truth, Don’t just disturb the man….mailafia is inoccent

  6. Nigeria is full of deceit instead of going after the the person that he acuse they are going after the accuser. How would Nigeria move forward in this situations. That is the reason why people do not want to voice out if they are aware of the truth. I you can treat this kind of man like this what would be the faith of those people who do not know anyone. They should not allow anything to happen to this man and he should be protected.

  7. Be very careful of what you say!! now see what you got yourself into..don’t worry if truly Northern Governor Is The Leader Of Boko Haram..God will be your guard

  8. You see i say Nigeria will never get better, and insecurity will never end. Now I know that insecurity is some people’s job and it’s paying. Oga please hide yourself I don’t even trust that Dss

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