40% of flight passengers still test Covid-19 positive despite presenting Negative results – PTF

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The Federal Government has raised the alarm over fake COVID-19 test results being presented by international flights passenger.

Sani Aliyu, the national coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, raised the alarm while appearing before a joint Senate committee on health and aviation.

Ibrahim Oloriegbe, chairman, Senate Committee on Health, at the meeting, had expressed concern about the protocols for international flight operations about COVID-19 test requirements.

Responding to the concern, Aliyu expressed that some international flight passengers who presented negative COVID-19 results tested positive at arrival in Nigeria.

Aliyu said there was an instance in which 40 percent of passengers on a single flight tested positive for COVID-19, despite presenting negative COVID-19 results before boarding.

Speaking further, he justified the measure put in place for flight operations, while he also revealed that the validity period of test had been reduced to four days from the initial seven days to prevent repeat occurrences.


  1. I think Corona virus will take many year before it fanish,let keep living and doing our normal life with covid-19. Very soon Corona virus will surely go away with prayer

  2. Really something must be done to resloves this issues of convid-19 because we need more fund to save life despites everything for our safety of nation.

  3. So this deadly virus is still active…. This country is just getting someone confuse… all the billions of Naira is just waste , till now No good result about the vaccine

  4. I don’t seem to understand this. People who were tested negative for covid19 before leaving a country suddenly became positive on arrival to Nigeria. Na wa ooo!!!
    I still do not believe most covid19 cases

  5. Early detect saves life, in this situation that you could detect it immediately and you would be able to isolate those infected and provide assistance to them once we have not overcome the problem of this COVID-19.

  6. Passengers should make sure that they observe the COVID-19 protocols, once they observe and follow those protocols I hope they will be able to reduce the issue of COVID-19 spread. If increased by 40% government should make sure that they treat them very well before releasing them.

  7. let just call it corruption am not really surprise hearing this,but the government need to do something about this it very important.

  8. This is not a new surprising story to hear. We all know the country we live in, a country where people are very corrupt and live fraudulently, a country where most people and establishments never do things as they are supposed to be done
    Putting laws I place in Nigeria, is never an issue, but the problem is enforcing the laws put in place

  9. Let’s just be deceiving our selves in this country, who they tell you say Corona still day Nigeria? It’s true Corona is real but is not up to how they are announce

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