Visa ban: Publish their names – Wike tells EU, UK

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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has reacted to the visa ban the United States slammed on some Nigerians involved in election rigging and violence. He called on them to publish the names of those involved

On Monday, the US government sanctioned Nigerians found to have undermined the November 2019 governorship polls in Bayelsa and Kogi States.

The UK has also warned that names of sponsors of violence in Edo and Ondo States will be added to the existing blacklist.

In a statement on Thursday by Paulinus Nsirim, Commissioner for Information, Wike commended the countries for their actions.

“They should go ahead and publish their names so that a lot of things will change in our electoral process.

“Election rigging is worse than armed robbery. So whatever sanctions that can be imposed will be highly welcomed by the PDP, he said.


  1. It is good they are slamming this ban on these politicians. Even more serious sanctions should be handed down on politicians who are undermining our electoral processes so that it will act as a lesson to other politicians

  2. That’s good development, Nigeria politicians are fund of do anything if come to the election period, they can go to any length to achieve their aims i.e win election by fire by force. That’s will serve as a lesson to others.

  3. If UK and US could name those politicians involve in this atrocities, it would be better and Serve as lesson to them in order to desist from this attitude. What they are doing is a day light robbery and it caused a lot of damages to our nation.

  4. May God bless the country for that great reactions
    Election Rigging Is Worse Than Armed Robbery. So Whatever Sanctions That Can Be Imposed Will Be Highly Welcomed By The PDP, He Said.

  5. If UK And US Could Name Those Politicians Involve In This Atrocities, It Would Be Better And Serve As Lesson To Them In Order To Desist From This Attitude

  6. I support you Sir, they should publish their names because these our politicians can do an undo during election periods. But Sir what of now they come publish it and your name is in the list what will you do.

  7. The EU and US know our politicians love to travel a lot. Imposing travel restriction or visa ban I just like a punishment 😄😄😄😄

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