Edo Election: it will be a sin against God if I don’t thank Wike – Obaseki

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Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has expressed gratitude to the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike for his supposed role in the just concluded Edo State election which saw Obaseki emerge victorious.

Speaking when he visited Wike on Wednesday, the governor said Wike clothed and fed him after he was “pushed out” of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Wike was among the first people that met with Obaseki shortly after the APC screening committee disqualified him from the Edo governorship poll.

In a statement, Paulinus Nsirim, Rivers commissioner of information, said Obaseki led some political leaders from Edo on a thank-you visit to Wike for supporting his reelection.

The statement quoted the Edo governor as saying it was at the Rivers government house that the strategies that led to his victory were formulated.

“After I was pushed out of my former party, this house was the first place I sought solace. You took me in as a brother, out of the storm, changed my clothes and gave me food to eat,” he said.

“It was in this house, the campaign council met to work out the key strategies that led us to victory. You mobilised people across the country. You moved to Benin, went through the humiliation and attacks. You supported us and we won.

“It will be a sin against God if we do not come to say thank you. Even if the victory we are celebrating is from God. He has used people like you to make it happen.” he said


  1. First People That Met With Obaseki Shortly After The APC Screening Committee Disqualified Him From The Edo Governorship so wike bring justice to edo election he need to an appreciation

  2. If we can not thank human being..we can not thank God now …we must to thank someone that do good to us and show us our enemy of progress. Wike has been a good man ever and I like him. So please thank him he really try to you.

  3. You said the truth of it, wike is the who shelter, accommodate and even rescue you from those who want to humiliate you. Wike deserves to be thanked for what he has done for you in your last election.

  4. Wike is an emperor of river State, he really tried for you to win this election but you should not see him as your godfather because if you do, you are still nursing the old wound. Congratulations to you.

  5. It is nice to hear that you have gone on a thank you visit to Governor Wike. Nothing is good like remembering someone who in one way or the other has helped you when you are in need of something
    I hope you will ever continue to be grateful to Wike but not as a Godfather…o

  6. God will bless you Sir, truly you have acted like a good man that you are, its good to show appreciation no matter how small or big it is so that next time that person will do more. Our dear Wike more grease to your elbow your indeed one man squad, The Lion himself.

  7. A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are.tank you very much governor wike.

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