Biafra, Oduduwa: with synergy and sincerity of purpose they will be actualised – Nnamdi Kanu

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Leader of the Indigenous people of biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has hinted on how Biafra, Oduduwa and even the kwaranfa( Middle belt) republics can be actualised.

In a statement by Kanu he made it known that with synergy and sincerity of purpose all republics will be actualised.

He further called on Nigerians to join the IPOB’s October 1 sit-at-home.

With synergy and sincerity of purpose, Biafra, Oduduwa, Kwararafa (Middle Belt) republics will become a reality in no distant time, he said

“Even the highly venerated Habe Monachies of Hausa Kingdom will be returned in place of the present oppressive terror driven Fulani Emirates. The Hausa are ancient people and deserve a nation of their own.

“I also look forward to the return of a Karnem-Bornu Republic for Kanuri people as replacement for the once glorious and vibrant Karnem-Bornu Empire.

“Freedom for all oppressed people in Nigeria is what IPOB is all about.


  1. Hmmm let’s be watching
    Everyone needs freedom but I hope not through violence or destruction
    One day I believe it will come to pass in Jesus name.. Amen

  2. “With Synergy And Sincerity Of Purpose, Biafra, Oduduwa, Kwararafa (Middle Belt) Republics Will Become A Reality In No Distant Time,they will actually do with scernity.

  3. Why all these agitations? You can come forward to tender your grievances and if your agitation is geniue, the federal government may consider them and put them to effective. Disintegrate is not the best option and solution to our problems.

  4. Federal government are the causing issues among Nigerians because of their negligence towards some important issues such as poverty, insecurities and unemployment. If to they can tackle all these issues, I hope everyone won’t agitate for disintegration. Some critical issues should be tackled without preference.

  5. See to be frank… before before I always against nnamdi kanu, but now like seriously the man is saying the truth. As I am….I’m on totally in support with this man.

  6. Why All These Agitations? You Can Come Forward To Tender Your Grievances And If Your Agitation Is Geniue, The Federal Government May Consider Them And Put Them To Effective. Disintegrate Is Not The Best Option And Solution To Our Problems

  7. So the purported struggle covers every oppressed tribe including even the Hausas that many among the Igbos perceived as sworn enemies ? Now , before going into the new dimension of national colouration your struggle has now assumed . First tell me , how possible is it to separate the Hausas from the Fulanis ? If not those few herdsmen that are roaming about the buses in search of a greener postures so to say . I must conclude that your confusion transgress all bounds , so You are advising us the Nigerians to put all hands on deck and divide Nigeria according to tribes and all our troubles will disappear just like that .., just because we are oppressed by ones of our kind ?

  8. If that will make you archieve your aim without any second world war abi na third sef no wahala because the way you do sound at times makes me fear I dey tell you, I don’t wanna witness what they said that happened during the war. But we have heard what you said.

  9. This man is really desperate, gathering forces for the separation of a nation. It will be surprising if your agitation for several years come to nothing ,because I do not see a nigeria that will separate.

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