I have 67 more years on the throne, nobody can remove me as king – Oluwo of Iwo

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The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has said that nobody can dethrone him, as he boasted of ruling for 67 more years.

Speaking to his supporters in his palace on Friday, the monarch said this in reaction to a petition by the 12 kingmakers urging the Governor of Osun State, Adegboyega Oyetola, to remove him from the throne over alleged misconduct.

Due to this, there was a solidarity walk by residents of the town as they thronged to the monarch’s palace in opposition of the petition.

“I have 67 more years to spend on the throne. I am going to live for 120 years. Those who want me out and want to become Oluwo, should wait because this is my time, he said

“With this crowd that engaged in this solidarity walk, it is obvious that I am in the good books of my people. That is why you are all standing in support of me.

“If I had not been good my people, you would have stoned me today. In as much as I am being loved by my people, nobody can remove me from being the king,” Oba Akanbi said


  1. If I Had Not Been Good My People, You Would Have been siting on throne.with means you are the people heart.but don’t lead the people into wrong did..if you want to remain inyour days of rules.

  2. Instead of thanking God for sparing your life till date, you are not doing that and you are boasting that you have what years to live. If nobody can remove then if the power above Power which Almighty God remove or take you away what would you do?

  3. Always watch your tongue when uttering a statements, why are you behaving like alpha and Omega of everything. Be mindful of your speech because wise king does not utter a statements anyhow. Be wise, be humble and respect not for today but tommorow.

  4. I understand you, the commitment you have in your aim. But remember God time is the best in this life, you are not suppose to be remove by anybody because your family have never complain about you never to be crawn. Instead of saying you still have 67years…is like you are making it compulsory to God which is not suppose to be so, you should pray to God for everlasting life…. You shall not be remove by anybody.

  5. This boast is too much..o
    Does he know how long he will live on earth and does he know tomorrow
    Anything can happen tomorrow and another person takes over the throne

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