Two men hack each other to death while fighting over a woman in Uganda

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Two men died on Saturday morning, September 26, while fighting over a woman in Kayunga, Kyampisi sub-county in Mukono district, Uganda.

The deceased have been identified as Hassan Kiwango, 45, a timber dealer and Hakim Katende 48, a driver. Observer Uganda reported that trouble started last year after Katende accused Kiwango of having an affair with his wife, Dorothy Birungi. Kiwango’s wife works in Saudi Arabia, leaving him with their two children, aged 12 and 14.

Two men hack each other to death while fighting over woman in Uganda

According to Kiyunga LC I chairperson Douglas Ssekalegga, the dispute between the two men reached the local council committee for mediation and it appeared as if they had resolved the matter. But open quarrels resumed this month, compelling the LC I committee to forward the matter to Kiyunga mosque to be resolved by the Imam.

However, during the meeting at the mosque on Saturday morning, Katende attacked Kiwango. He allegedly cut him on the neck, hands and at the back several times. Kiwango also fought back and inflicted grave injuries on Katende

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, who confirmed the incident,  says detectives from Naggalama police station visited the scene and found Kiwango’s body lying upside down in front of his house with multiple deep cuts on the entire body.

Onyango explains that after examination of the scene of the crime, blood droplets were spotted and a blood trail led police to Kigagga zone where Katende’s dead body was found with multiple cuts.

“The two bodies have been taken to Kayunga hospital for postmortem as children and the wife to Katende are held at police for their safety,” Onyango says.

Onyango adds that police have also been deployed at both Katende and Kiwango’s homes to prevent the public from damaging their properties.


  1. All this conflict that leads to death because of a lady!!!!……mheeen…. now they re dead the woman will definitely get married to another man

  2. Which conflicts could lead to this killing of one another, this so bad they should have settled their rift in order not to take to that extent.

  3. They should go and continue there quarrel in heaven now, how can two big man be have quarrel because of a yeye Lady? I think they fund what they want.

  4. The real husband should have filed for divorce and let the human go on her way instead of killing himself and the other person now the woman will continue enjoy his and wealth. Men should learn from all what is happening and they shouldn’t kill themselves on what it is not what it. So pathetic.

  5. This is so pathetic, why killing one another because of woman, they didn’t what it unless those who deserves to be pampered.

  6. if God ask this men what brought them here pls what will be they answer. they just wrested they life for nothing nd now the woman will be in another man’s arm is that not foolishness some men can be stupid

  7. This is wonderful and a shameful act
    Why should someone fight to die because of a lady
    Some men can be stupid at times..o
    Are there no more women in the world again
    Now they are dead, do they know the whereabout of that lady they died for her sake
    This is crazy
    Well may their souls rest in peace

  8. What a sad story. What will they tell their creator that killed them…..woman
    It sounds funny nah…. Women that God created in abundance, that can be in the ratio of 1 man to 50 women
    Now they are gone and gone forever, the lady will go on with her life with another man

  9. This story is laughable
    Can you imagine grown up men for that matter, them go and face judgement when God will ask them what brought them their then they will now answer its because of a woman and God will give them better mansion for the job well done.

  10. Can’t imagine myself in physical combat because of a woman. It takes two to tangle. If the woman doesn’t agree to the proposal of the other man, they wouldn’t be dating. It shows the woman is promiscuous. Why kill myself because of such promiscuous woman?

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