Former Delta State Governor Uduaghan dumps APC, Returns to PDP

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Former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has formally defected from the All Progressives Congress to the Peoples Democratic Party.

Uduaghan who formally rejoined the PDP on Monday September 28, at his hometown, Abigborodo in Warri North Local Government Area of the State, defected to the APC where he contested and lost the Delta South Senatorial seat in 2019 to incumbent Senator James Manager.

Confirming his return to the PDP on Facebook, the former Governor wrote; 

“I AM BACK HOME. I am back to join forces with other party leaders to strengthen our party, the largest Party in Africa -PDP!

“Haven tasted the other side, it feels refreshing to be back home! Thank you all for receiving me back. It feels like I never left. God bless you!”


  1. I personally know that no permanent friend or enemy in politics, we the citizens are the one to call ourselves or mentality to other because we just be using us as use and dump without benefit a pin from them. We will surely welcome you back.

  2. Politics is a game of number and those politicians are over ambitious, we are the one to use our sense of reasoning and know what we are doing. We should stop politics of violence and brutality during the period of elections. Election will come and go but will remain with ourselves. It’s not new because I understand that they will surely welcome him back.

  3. Nigerian politicians with their tactics and their selfishness, he is nursing one or two ambitious and he thinks it might not be achieved as far as he remains in APC, that is the reason why going back to PDP. Is there any difference between both parties? I don’t think so. It’s good to have you back.

  4. Former governor want change a betterment of the states, Change is something that many people fear, but we never should really fear if the change is for the or nor party is for the betternment of delta states.

  5. Politician are prostitute, any welcome back home to The largest party in Africa we’re Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been there leader.
    Long life PDP!!!!
    Long life Saraki!!!!!
    Long life uduagbon!!!!!
    Long life Nigeria!!!!!!

  6. The democracy is allowed, you can deflect to any party you like once you against the anti party. You ate always welcome. APC has turned to nonsense in The country now, President muhammadu buhari has spoil APC with his cabinet and some other state governor, joining PDP is the best for everybody now. Uduagban you are welcome.

  7. Nigeria politicians always running from one party to another just to actualize their personal interests. You are welcome back to PDP, who knows the party you will run into soonest and tell us another story

  8. When I heard he joined APC I was surprised. May be to gain something
    Now he is back to PDP, let’s be watching them
    Nigeria politicians and their cross carpeting
    No ideology and vision

  9. Nigerian politicians are gold diggers who cannot be pinned to a principle or ideology. But I only pity those who follow them about without thinking.Okowa refuse to pay Uduaghan the so-called retirement benefit to him from 2018 till date and the man is seriously broke the only option for him is to return back to his former party.

  10. It is not about going to Apc and returning to PDP. The question is has he changed because all this politicians are the same therefore we need people with a changed mindset and not running from one party to another looking for favour.

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