Police declare Former Minister, Kenneth Gbagi wanted for Assaulting and Stripping Hotel Staff Naked

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Former Minister of State for Education, Kenneth Gbagi has been declared wanted by the police over his hotel staff who were allegedly assaulted and stripped naked over a missing money. 

In a statement released by the Delta state police spokesperson DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, Gbagi was accused of refusing to honor several police invitations.

The statement read; 

“Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi was invited by the Commissioner of Police through the Area Commander Warri and DPO Ebrumede Division on September 25th, 2020 for questioning concerning the alleged dehumanising manner in which he ordered some of his staff be stripped naked and physically assaulted.

“Kenneth Gbagi personally and severally called and gave the excuse that he has a burial ceremony of his elder sister on Friday 25/9/2020 in which he is a key player, and asked for time to finish with the ceremony on Sunday, thereafter will report at the State Headquarters on Monday, September 28, 2020. These requests were granted on humanitarian ground.

“On Monday, September, 28th 2020, Kenneth Gbagi called the Commissioner of Police to say that he has a court case to attend to, promising to report at the Police Headquarters in Asaba by 3:00pm; again he was equally obliged.

“On the same date, the Commissioner of Police had to call him at about 5:00pm before the same Kenneth Gbagi said he was on his way to the State HQ Asaba.

“Sadly and unfortunately, Kenneth Gbagi still failed to report instead he went into the public space to disparage, blackmail and maligned the person of the Commissioner of Police and the Nigeria Police Force, Delta State Command for insisting on investigating him.

“Having failed to honour his promises, Delta state police command is left with no option than to declare Kenneth Gbagi wanted.

“Therefore members of the public with useful information as to his whereabouts are advised to go to the nearest Police Station to report for his immediate arrest and handing him over to the Command for thorough investigation/prosecution.”


    1. Noo is not so you can’t declared him wanted now, it’s true nobody is above the law as police invited you for interrogation and he decided not to appear. He may very busy, give him little more time to settle before you declare him wanted.

  1. Why must you declared him wanted, I think you already know his house why can’t you just go there for his arrest warrant, he failed his promises and I think there’s something behind that, if he is not guilty why can’t him honour the commissioner of police for his interrogation.

  2. Police is now working, how on Earth would someone strip his workers naked no matter what happened? At least we have the law enforcement agencies that can handle such cases and they have been handling it before. That’s over reacted

  3. Those influential people believe that they have all the power or key to open any doors and nobody will query them regardless of what they do. He should be charged for this inhumane behavior that he carried out on his workers.

  4. Why is he running Helter and shelter now after committed such immoral act on others? Can someone do the same thing to his children and accept it? Some of these riches men belief that they are god and nobody will questioning. Police should arrest him and prosecute him.

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