If not for God, I would have been a story, Mr Ibu shares story of how he was poisoned several times

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Nollywood actor, John Okafor also known as Mr Ibu has shared a sad story of how he was poisoned numerous by staffs.

In an interview with Nigizietv, Mr. Ibu said if not for God Almighty, he would have been a ”story” perpetrated by people who don’t like him.

Narrating one of the incidents, the actor said the poison made his stomach so big he couldn’t see his legs. He said he was placed on medication which began to help shrink his stomach.

He further alleged that all these attacks were by his kinsmen who paid his staffs to eliminate him

Read his statement below;

“If not for God Almighty, I would have been a story perpetrated by people who don’t love me.

“I don’t take Alcohol up till now. Some people say I don’t take Alcohol yet my stomach is big, The belly is an idiot. It was after they gave me that poison. It was bigger than this before. If you had seen it, it was like a foam. I took medicine and it began to come down. Before I wasn’t able to see my legs.

They took me to Nnewi, saying we had a show. They held me there and beat me up. They beat me and then inserted poison in my mouth and ran away, leaving me there. It was my boys and dancers that came and carried me home. It was in Enugu that I woke up. God said no, you are not going yet.” he said

Speaking further, the actor said

Here in my office, they brought the first poison, I took it. I was falling around and nobody came to ask. Even the workers did not enter here even though they were hearing me fall around. I vomited something in my bathroom.

They gave me the second one, The people that gave me are the people working with me. I swallowed another one unknowingly because I never suspected them until when God opened my eyes. They paid them and gave them enough money to make sure they eliminate me. All these plans are from Enugu, my towns people and age grades that are surprised that I can own some things, build some houses, buy house in Lagos. They asked them to go and kill me.” he said

If not for God, I would have been a story, Mr Ibu shares story of how he was poisoned several times 4


  1. You should always thank God for saving your life even apart from the one you know they would have tried numerous àtempt but Almighty God is above them.

  2. Without God nothing can be done, if God says yes nobody can say no. It’s only God that is giveth and taketh of lives and nobody else, I will just implore you to always appreciate God in your life.

  3. That means one with God is a majority. God is absolutely wonderful in our lives but we don’t know, there are so many attempts of those who don’t want us to live but Almighty God always there for us but we don’t know. Almighty God will continue from his mercy protecting you forever.

  4. Nawa oh enemies everywhere you go
    I thank God for your life Mr. Ibu, they will try but they will not succeed I pray for your quick recovery Sir. God will always protect you everywhere you go In Jesus Name Amen.

  5. People are very wicked ooo… But it’s not surprising cuz that what makes us a human to be jeolous of our fellow human to the extend of killing em…God Good. All the time

  6. Glory be to the Almighty God for saving your life
    It shall be well with you
    He whose hands are clean, no one can kill
    May God continue to guide you

  7. Without God Nothing Can Be Done, If God Says Yes Nobody Can Say No. It’s Only God That Is Giveth And Taketh Of Lives And Nobody Else, I Will Just Implore You To Always Appreciate God In Your Life.

  8. Nawa Oh Enemies Everywhere You Go
    I Thank God For Your Life Mr. Ibu, They Will Try But They Will Not Succeed I Pray For Your Quick Recovery Sir. God Will Always Protect You Everywhere You Go In Jesus Name

  9. Thank God, when I saw your stomach two months ago online I taunt it was film trick not knowing your in pain so sorry, it is writing that the worst enemy of man if from his house hold thank God for your life brother we love you.

  10. My man that’s life o, is God that’s protecting us, if not God… nothing like us. I thank God for you that you are still alive. More life for you Mr. Ibu

  11. God is the greatest, depends on him not anybody, he we surely protect us from the evils and bad people, let keep on praying to him not to leave us at any time. I do appreciate👋 your baba God 🙏

  12. Who soever the lord set free is free indeed no want can take your life wen the lord has not say so.
    More years to you sir

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