Only university lecturers on IPPIS would get salaries – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has insisted that members of the Association of Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will get salaries.

He stated this on Thursday in his annual speech to the joint session of the two Chambers of the National Assembly which is currently ongoing.

In the highlight of the 2021 Appropriation budget being presented to the National Assembly, he explained that all sectors of the economy would get attention in 2021 budget allocation, but reiterated the Federal Government’s position on payment of salaries of University lecturers, saying that those lecturers who were captured in the IPPIS will continue to draw their salaries without any hitch.

He advised the leadership of ASUU to understand the position of government, which he believes would remove fraud from the educational institutions.


  1. Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to have to pay all lectures mr president.

  2. Integrated the university workers in this IPPIS I don’t it’s the problem but both parties need to strike a deal on what is causing problem among them.

  3. Every time ASUU and government are always in loggerheads
    For what reason, I don’t know and all these problems are disturbing our educational standards seriously
    The government should try to settle all these wahala once and for all

  4. The government is try to eradicate corruption but using this platform to as delay tactics. They should sit on round table to discuss the issue bothering the two parties in order let the students resume back to their various campuses.

  5. What makes ASUU not key into this IPPIS, I will just implore federal government to implement the 2009 agreement then they will know the next step to take, I don’t think ASUU should get problem with this IPPIS. They should resolve the issue amicably.

  6. Is this your right time to be trying to clarify, you are such a mad man, you don’t even what is the next action.

  7. This is gonna take a long fight to resolve as it seems… The FG should just let the asuu and education system continue as it was before or what are they going gain from this useless fight

  8. The federal government and asuu should help the future of this country b4 things get out of hand.its high time a reasonable decision is taken over this issue

  9. If I may ask .. what exactly is the issue always been between asuu and federal government? Is almost every time now, federal government should open ear👂 to them and do there needful to avoid strike, have pity on the students.

  10. But what crime did ASUU commit that government don’t want to look into their matter? abeg the two parties (ASUU and FG) should settle their problems so that students will go back to school joor.

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