Almost all adult poverty is a choice – Reno Omokri

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Former Presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri has shared his thoughts about poverty.

In a new tweet he shared, Reno stated that adult poverty is a choice. He further recalled how he sold rabbits to pay his law school fees in 1998.

See his tweet below:

“In 1998, I was preparing for Law School and did not want my parents to pay my fees. I bought a male and female rabbit. The way their population increased shocked me. I sold rabbits to pay my Law School fees. Almost all adult poverty is a choice!


  1. Are you serious. You people always like to say one thing or the other
    Who do we confirm this from
    Why did you not continue with the sales of those rabbits of yours up till now

  2. You may think poverty is a choice but not really, youths are working hard to survive nowadays but if you don’t have the person that will give advice on what to do as an additional income, it will look like you are not doing anything.

  3. Life is not the same what you do to earn money is what someone did and not succeeded, you shouldn’t look at it in one perspective because if you do so, you didn’t justify your position. Youths are really hardworking people but they need the person that will direct them to the right path.

  4. Those politicians are the one engaging some of the youths in negative aspects of it, instead of using them for political thugs, why can’t you empower them and guide them on the do and don’t.

  5. You can’t compare every human being the same, destiny is deferent, you can’t compare then to this time, Nigeria is fear then, nowadays the cause of the youth poverty now is from government, especially from the useless President muhammadu buhari. Heos just a deaf and dunp he is so useless human being.

  6. Life is not like that, and God is not wicked. Destiny is different. Our leader are the cause of the youth poverty in the country.

  7. That is not true because nobody wants to I’m poverty but everything is very hard and the government are even making harder on the citizens

  8. But what does he think people without capital for business, and no private and public work offers do? I think such an adult may not remain poor but can be poor while nothing has changed.

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