Submission is not exclusive to one gender – Actor, Deyemi

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Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has joined in the debate on the issue of submission in marriages.

The debate on social media has been centred around wives being submissive to their husbands as stated in the bible

In a tweet he shared on his twitter handle, Deyemi Okanlawon, has pointed out that submission is for both genders.

Deyemi who has been married for 7 years, wrote ”Submission is not exclusive to one gender.”


  1. Submission is truly for the two genders but it depends on what angle the argument is coming from.
    The woman has to be submissive to her husband in rightful issues while the man has to also listen to the woman in issues the woman is right

  2. Your correct bro
    Submission is meant for both man and woman but men do find it difficult to be submissive to women, especially the married men. Them too like the slogan “am the man of the house” .

  3. Why are we still debating on the issue of submission? If we are talking about submissive. Does that mean that only woman should be submissive to her husband? No, respect is reciprocal.

  4. This matter doesn’t warrant debate because you must not say because you are the husband, you are the alpha and Omega of everything, whatever you want to do must be discussed between both of you, that doesn’t mean that you seek for permission of your wife but to respect her once she can’t do anything without your consent.

  5. Sha, everybody must talk on the matter, what we have discussed past a week now and you brought it back. Wether inclusive or exclusive, just treat your wife with dignity.

  6. Yes is true he really has a point on that, submission is not for only one gender, but the good one is for a woman to give her husband totally submission.

  7. Total submission is not for only our wife, is for both husband and wife, but the advantage of it is for a wife to her husband the total submission.

  8. Yea.. Both parties need to be submissive but the reason is directed to the wife most times is because the husband is the head.

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