Youths beat up Catholic priest in Ebonyi after he flogged Councilor’s son for destroying his farm

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Rev. Fr. Ejike Fabian Odunze, the parish priest of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Nkomoro in Ezza North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has been allegedly attacked by some youths of the area.


According to reports, the incident happened after Father Odunze flogged and detained the son of the Councilor of Nkomoro Ward, Mrs Ngozika Onele, for allegedly destroying his cassava farm. 

A source from the community who spoke to Vanguard on Thursday, October 8, said that Fr. Ejike had vowed not to release the child without seeing the parents, having warned him several times, against destroying his farm produce.

Fr. Odunze’s refusal to release the boy, angered his family members who went and reported the matter to the Chairman of the Parish Council

“When the Chairman of the Parish Council arrived Father’s house, alongside Kelechi Nwali and Chika Nwali, who are the brothers to the Ward Councillor, he sought to know what happened,” the source explained.

“But Fr. Ejike asked him to ask the people who brought him into the matter. It was in the process that a quarrel ensued. Then, Chika Nwali insisted Father must release the boy to them without further delay. His outburst angered Father who ordered that he should leave his compound. But he refused,”


“Chika said he would not leave without Father releasing the boy. In anger, Father brought a cane and started flogging him to leave his compound. Immediately Father used the cane on him, he collected it and broke it, into pieces, before Chika and his other brothers who were around, started beating the priest mercilessly.” the source added.

The priest who could not bear the assault left the community, and is currently at Bishop’s quarters in Abakaliki, where he is also receiving treatment.

The Bishop of Abakaliki Dioceses, Michael Nnachi Okoro and the entire Catholic community are said to be very furious over the development.


  1. This is serious. If truly the said farm of the reverend father was destroyed, he has all right to be highly annoyed because farming is not an easy work and cassava stem was so dare this year so no one should joke with a cassava farm at all

  2. How does it sound in their hear? Why don’t they channel their power towards the improvement of their town, there are so many things to tackle in their State but the reverse is the case for our youths nowadays. The bishop should take legal steps on them.

  3. Youths of Nkomoro why beating a priest of the most high God. You people should not try it again o to avoid the anger of God that will follow you and your children, no matter what the Rev. Father did to the boy you people have no right to beat him up. Am just praying that God will forgive all of you that are involved in this.

  4. This is so pathetic, they don’t even Accord him with any respect, it’s not even good to shout at the leaders not to talk of beating him or ridicule him. Most of the youths nowadays does not have sense but they have sense and using it for negative aspects of life they should sleep and think twice.

  5. In the first instance, what led him to the destruction of the bishop farm? What is his offence? Law enforcement agencies should Wade into this issue before it escalate beyond their capacity.

  6. The Rev suppose to report to nearest police station instead of the bad action he takes, he should even allow the boy to see his parents so that they can actually know we’re there son is, but the Rev said he has already wurn the boy several times without number but he refused, that is the cause of the great action. The boy should be bail by the pastor.

  7. He suppose to report the Young guy to the police instead of beating him. What he did to the guy is right in the wrong time. He give self judgement. And Nigeria is not in support of that.

  8. That is bad… They lack respect for elders and that they were behaving like that…. There parent should reorientate them again

  9. He would have report the boy to his parent and see their response, instead of putting law to his hand… nevertheless beating up the priest is not the best.

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