We own the Gold deposits in Zamfara – FG tells Matawalle

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The Federal Government has issued a note of warning to Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Matawalle over impressions of owning gold deposits in the state.

The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Olamilekan Adegbite in a statement on Friday warned that mineral products remain exclusively that of the federal government.

This comes after the Zamfara government had expressed that it has started its gold reserve to reduce dependence on federal allocations.

“I had a meeting with the Zamfara people yesterday or day before yesterday, they need to get their narrative right to the public, Adegbite said

“We have what we call private mineral buying centres, we issue licences, in fact, anybody that is interested should come to us and once you meet the criteria, we give you a licence to purchase the mineral and that is the angle the Zamfara Government is exploiting.

“From their own fund, they are buying gold from their people and I spoke with the governor, you need to explain these to the people properly. It’s not as if they are cornering the resources that belong to the federal government.

“All mineral resources in the country are vested in the federal government and that is in the exclusive list and that stays. And the right royalty should be paid to the federal government.


  1. That’s where the Nigeria problem lie, federal government wants to own everything in every states but not be able to provide the palliative for Nigerians then what is the essence of owing everything?

  2. Why is everything exclusive? We need restructuring in the aspect of managing the natural resources of the country. Power should be decentralized in order for state to take care of the her citizens.

  3. What the federal government is after is money after then they don’t care about the people they govern, there are so many social amenities that they suppose to put in place before embarking on minning any resources but the reverse is the case. Always after the resources of Nigeria.

  4. All zanfara resources belong to zanfara people and the government of zanfara, how can you owned zanfara resources federal government is a thief, how do you use all the one belong to Federal government.

  5. Zanfara state which was created with oil money and it is still surviving with the same oil money now wants to keep her gold to herself. What an ignorant🙄🙄🙄

  6. Am not surprised hearing this because I know it will happen what the Federal Government knows is money money money thats all, then the life of the people they Govern or rule doesn’t matter to them.

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