#EndSARS protest is organized by kids who have no understanding of what the root issues are — Lauretta Onochie

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President Buhari’s media aide, Lauretta Onochie has again lashed out at #EndSARS protesters. 

Onochie in a tweet she shared, stated that the protest is being organized by kids who have no understanding of what the root issues are. She further shared a screenshot of Zahra Buhari’s Instastory post in which she condemned police brutality to back her stance on the protest. 

The presidential aide tweeted; 




Thanks to Vanguard Online that captured the image she shared on her Instagram Story, we now know that Zahra Buhari Indimi lent her voice to what ALL NIGERIANS want, which is, END POLICE BRUTALITY. She posted an image that says #EndPoliceBrutality. She said nothing more.

There’s a great difference between #EndPoliceBrutality and End FSARS. One is by Nigerians, the other is by Kids who have no understanding of what the root issues are.


For me, even parading alleged criminals on National TV and making them to confess, is part of that brutality that needs to stop, especially when two or more years down the line, such people have not been charged nor convicted.

We must separate the end SARS childishness from #EndPoliceBrutality. Ending Police Brutality comes with reforms. This is why reforms are needed to reposition FSARS to serve it’s purposes more efficiently and more effectively to the pride of the nation.

The reforms are not just about laying out the rules guiding FSARS. No, its about ENFORCEMENT. The public needs to SEE that their reports and complaints are taken seriously and acted upon, including reports about those who slap or kill police officers too.

 If we end FSARS and create something else, it will metamorphose into another FSARS, just as we have today- still with some bad eggs.

It’s PEOPLE that need to be held accountable.

There’s an urgent need for all Nigerians to look inwards.

When erring officers are seen to be held accountable and punished according to the laws, public confidence will return. Citizens would embrace them. Thats how national institutions are STRENGTHENED. Nations strengthen their institutions. They don’t kill them.

We cannot end the use of water because someone drowned nor can we chop off a hand because it lost a finger nail.

Let’s come together to push for a positive reform that will and can #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY. #ReformFSARS

That’s where I stand.

#EndSARS protest is organized by kids who have no understanding of what the root issues are ? Lauretta Onochie


  1. You talk too much madam. I thought you said that SARS will end in your dream but now it has ended in real physical life
    What else are you saying… No one wants to hear

  2. This lauretta onuchi always in am talk, what is meaning of end SARS and police brutality. Is search not from a section in police force or what is she saying? I don’t think she understands what is she saying.

  3. Listen to yourself, kids who have no understanding or what? Zahara indime said end police brutality. This woman must be her mind because I don’t think is in the state of mentally stable? Police are killing people day in day out and SARS are also extorting Nigerians then what is she saying? Out it.

  4. I’m still wondering why president buhari is still using this woman as his media aid. Instead of condemning the brutality of SARS meted out to innocent Nigerians, the reverse is the case and are still supporting them. May Almighty God have mercy on us in this country.

  5. Madam you day craz for head, now I see the reason why wiskid got embarrassing you because you know nothing, how did you got the opportunity to reach we’re you are? Your brain is empty, #endsarsNow

  6. Old woman…. you no say na you fo teach us the deferent between#endPoliceBeutality and #endSARS. Ano sure say you get children at all, because no any humans feeling for you. Bastard.

  7. This protest is just a long process of what Nigerian needs to free ourselves from this boundage of bad governance and leadership…. As it was fortold that the mass are the ones that gonna free themselves so this is just the beginning

  8. madam I don’t really blame u because is not u that is talking is ur salary that is talking true u but is making u to look stupid

  9. This woman has never suffered police brutality, I can guess. It’s not just SARS, it’s the entire system . The NPF needs a reform. If she doesn’t know what to say, she had better be quiet….

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