#EndSARS Promoters must face the Law – Garba Shehu

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Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, has stated that those who promoted the #EndSARS protest and allowed it degenerate into chaos must be made to face the law. Garba Shehu said this when he featured on Channels’ Politics Today.

According to him, the president is responsible for decisions made by his administration, saying “the buck stops on his table”.

He said despite being entitled to the right to protest in a peaceful way, there is also a law that sanctions violent demonstrations as the country had been seriously harmed by the #EndSARS protests and the culprits must be made to face the consequences.


  1. The ENDSARS protest was very peaceful, everyone knew that until our the government started sponsoring thugs to distablize the movement and also massacred the protesters in Lekki
    So if you want to prosecute, prosecute yourselves

  2. Up to a decade or more than, all northern states have been battling with bokoharam and nobody has been brought to book, what do we call this?

  3. those people only worked base on their right ..they should leave those people and face the problem of boko haram that is ravaging the northern states

  4. The issue of bokoharam, bandits and security threat in the north hasn’t been tackle with and you are talking about the issue of #endsars, hypocrite.

  5. That means you didn’t value the lives of the people in the north because if you do, you would have put embargo or freez account of the sponsorer.

  6. If you are talking about the promoter of #endsars, what of the promoter of bokoharam, bandits, kidnappers, this present government is clueless.

  7. If the endsars promoters are to face the law then,that mean the hole country will face the law.
    And how will you do about that??

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