Rivers state government Bans #EndSARS protest in the state

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The Rivers state government has banned all forms of #EndSARS protest in the state.

In a statement released this night, the state Commissioner for Information, Paulinus Nsirim, said since the Inspector General of Police has dissolved all SARS formations across the country, the state government sees no reason why any #EmdSARS protest should hold in the state.

Nsirim noted that violators will be arrested and brought to book.

Read the statement below

The Rivers State Government hereby wish to inform the general public that all forms of protests have been banned throughout the State.

Therefore, all proposed protests under #EndSARS Campaign are hereby prohibited.

Government took this decision because the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, had already scrapped the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Therefore, there is no need for any form of protest against a Unit of the Police Force that no longer exists.

Parents and Guardians are therefore advised to ensure that their children or wards do not violate this order.

Law enforcement agencies are also directed to ensure that the ban is enforced and that violators are brought to book.

Paulinus Nsirim
Commissioner for Information and Communications
October 12, 2020


  1. Governor Wike should thread with caution..o
    He should know that this protest is above end SARS
    When the people remember him, he will run
    The masses are not joking this time around
    He should know that

  2. The river state government has received a phone call from federal government to end the protest against SARS in the state, President muhammadu buhari is behind the seen, he thinks if the state is prosecuting the protesters may be they will stop, but note✍️we can send we can’t stop until SARS end.

  3. For waiting now, why did you act like this? Are you one of them? Are you in support of Nigeria SARS? Or President muhammadu buhari has been paid all of the governor bribe to end SARS protest. God pass you. We are still behind the corner.

  4. I think the protesters should take breath because our voices has been heard by our government and they have done the needful. Therefore, the protesters should relax a bit in order to avoid another calamities in Nigeria.

  5. Why is wike behaving like this? Is he not Nigerian? Can’t we express our grievances anymore? Instead of appealing to the youths to stay calm, you are now enforce law on them not to express their grievances which is unfair.

  6. Can we say the reason why wike did this is that his children were not among those who were brutalized by the SARS? Later it will be your turn and there will be no one to be there for you. Only time will tell.

  7. Some people will pretend to care just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand is not always there to help.let sars go

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