EndSARS: “Eyes on the ball, forget the distraction” – Aisha Yesufu tells protesters

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Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement, Aisha Yesufu, has advised Nigerian youths not to be distracted but have their eyes on the ball as they engage in the ongoing EndSARS protests.

In a video message through her Twitter handle on Wednesday, she commended the success of the protest which has yielded some positive results, insisting that they should not get distracted.

“Dear Nigerian youths, you have the government where you want them to be, you are doing amazing, you doing something that you haven’t done before. Pls don’t get distracted, eyes on the ball, forget the distraction, there is nothing for you to fight over, she said.

She told the protesters to “focus on the result that you want, that is what is more important. Yes, we have seen the headline from the government but have you seen the execution?. What is the basis for a committee? can the government bring an execution plan?”

“I see that there a lot of people who have been part of these protests as you would expect and they are trying to discredit it by talking about the protest being monetised, If anybody collects money for protest drive the person out, let those who didn’t collect do their thing”.

Her comments come after the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, on Tuesday set up a new unit called the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, to replace the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Unit (SARS).


  1. At least Nigeria youths have done something which has not been done before, after disbandment, I hope they will reform police entirety. The protest should be relax a bit.

  2. What else that we need from them is to do the total overhauling of Nigerian police force, so that they will be able to change how they discharge their duties.

  3. I think the war has been won against Nigeria SARS and police entirely and we shouldn’t cause another chaos in the town after the SARS has been disbanded.

  4. The aims of this protest is to restructure the whole police force and also to restructure the whole country from the lower level and to the highest

  5. Thia protest is part of large scale restructuring of the forces and aos the whole country as a whole… It is just getting started

  6. Aisha Yesufu is right all eyes should be on the ball
    We should all focus on the goal that we want and by the special Grace of God we will achieve our aim in this protest no matter what the evil ones do.

  7. This lady Aisha, is great. I love your courage and the way you talk
    God bless you real good as you continue to lead the protest
    You are too much

  8. That is true…. This protest is just the beginning of larger restructure of the country from all levels of government

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