#EndNigeriaNow is the only way to stop government deception – Nnamdi Kanu

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Leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has told Nigerians that there’s no difference between the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, and the newly formed Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT.

According to the IPOB leader, the newly formed SWAT has been on ground since 2018.

In a post he shared on Facebook he revealed that the only way to stop all the high powered Nigerian government deception is by ending the country.

He wrote:

“#SARS is #SWAT. Same old lies; same old deceit; same old Fulani Cabal.

“SWAT has been in existence since 2018. It was announced by the same IGP Adamu.

“Thankfully this generation is now sufficiently enlightened to understand their lies.

“Fulani MUST stop this Taqiyya. Government of liars by liars and for liars is reprehensible. #sarsisswat

“Only by #EndNigeriaNow will all these high powered Nigerian government deception stop.”


  1. Do not trust people who are full of themselves. They try to make themselves sound so important that you can’t live without them. In truth, they spend so much time focused on themselves they are virtually worthless when it comes to really getting anything done.Nigeria is great.

  2. Nigeria is blessed land so Don’t waste time on jealousy. Jealousy is an endless vicious cycle. Someone will always have something you want and you will always have something someone wants.Nnadi kanu

  3. Nnamdi kanu just forget what your planing..Everything worth anything is both terrifying and beautiful, like the first time you do something you know is wrong, you know it’s wrong and yet, you do it anyway

  4. Yes #sarsIsSwat untill we have the individual freedom before..like #oduduwa and #biafra if Nigeria end by that name, that mean both #swat&sars we come to an end.

  5. Nnamdi kanu is right, I’m in support of his speech made mention that#EndNigeria we be the end of #sars and newly reformed #swat.

  6. If we look at it critically, Nigeria is full of deceit and those people in charge of that deceit are not ready to change for good because of what they are gaining from it. If our leaders could amend their ways to positive one nobody will complain anymore.

  7. SARS has specific task assigned to them but special weapons and tactics (SWAT) doesn’t have any specific task then how are we going to Know the types of the work they will engage. #Endsars#Endswat not #EndNigeria

  8. The way our leaders are toying with Nigeria citizens is so sad because for everything you are using is free of charge but when it comes to amenities for Nigerians you will be toying with them. What do we call this. What we need now is to jumbo pay of those politicians. SARS and SWAT are almost the same thing.

  9. Despite that am in support of dividing the country for some tribes to be free from the too much intimidation they are getting from this country but I don’t think that now is the best time for that to happen.

  10. This protest is just beginning of restructure and reforms process that the country get to do in other to move forward….

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