ASUU strike: we are not happy School Children are recruited for #EndSARS protest – Ngige

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Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige has stated that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) continuous strike is boosting the ongoing nationwide protests of #EndSARS.

Speaking during the reconciliatory meeting between representatives of ASUU and government, the Minister lamented that children who are supposed to be in school are being recruited for different kinds of protests.

“For the past one week, we have all been on our toes, we have been meeting and we pray that this meeting will yield some good fruits. We don’t take very great pleasure, to the fact that the children who are supposed to be in school are being recruited into the #EndSARS, #EndStrike, #EndSWAT and all the kind of situations, he said

“As much as possible, we will try to see how we can meet ourselves halfway, so that we can resolve this crisis to the benefits of all and the country at large.”

He also affirmed that they are not trying to replace the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) with the University Transparency Account System (UTAS)

“We have had the preliminary report and test-run on the UTAS, which is the University Transparency Accountability Solution. We believe that with that, we will be able to get it right.

“Let me make it clear to members of the press, we never said UTAS will replace IPPIS as some of you are reporting, No! The UTAS developed by them is for the University systems and they feel that it captures the peculiarities that are configured to accommodate all the peculiarities of the University systems especially as it affects the Professors and other teaching staff, and even the Non-Academic Staff. That is the situation.

“We, as government feel we are going to put it up for tests – three stages of test. We have done the first stage of test which is within the timeline of six months that ASUU promised. We are going to do other integrity test, Alpha test, Beta test and the one they call roll-over and other whatever test. It is the technologists that know all those tests. But this is the round we are going on now.”


  1. Solve your problems, government find every means to make excuses for their failure, I believed it will be worse if schools resume, because the students will make the protest even bigger.

  2. Ngige you have a point but os not the solution to the ongoing youth protest, if ASUU did not strike, that’s where it will be very difficult because student will have opportunity to do worst most, because student we have allot of freedom to move anywhere on the town, they can even protest against President muhammadu buhari to resign from office which non of the officers must torch them according to our rule of law.

  3. When the political office holders’ children are not in government schools, why won’t you be saying nonsense? Are you not the architect of all these problems we are facing now? You should find a means to solve the issues of ASUU and let those students go back to their various campuses.

  4. The on going protest that is on going through out the nation and other parts of Europe or UK are caused by those in power because there are so many series of letter complaining of the brutality of this SARS but to no avail. You are feeling the pain we are facing that is why you exhibited non cahallant attitude.

  5. ASUU strike is not, I can say it very clear, how thus assuu strike concern the ongoing protest, God knows everything, God already know this will come across before he put misunderstanding in between federal government and ASUU, so that we Nigeria citizen can achieve our aims. So ASUU strike is not the cause of the ongoing protest.

  6. You shouldn’t blame students for participating in the protest but you should blame yourself for causing pains for Nigeria citizens. You made an agreement with ASUU since 2009 without fulfilling it and now you are talking about the protest. You better resolve the issue with ASUU and let the students go back to the schools.

  7. Did you think if students happened to be in schools before and during the protest, that the protest shouldn’t have gone this far? To me the protest would have been worst if students happened to be in schools.

  8. u re fool u don’t know that is what u will get when u diced to play along with ur Oga buhari u re here saying rubbish

  9. You are still very far Sir. Who is recruiting who. No one is being recruited instead people are joining on their own because everyone is annoyed with the the leader of this nation both past and present

  10. I don’t think you are saying the truth Sir Chris Ngige because had it been they were in their various schools and this protest came up, they will still protest from their various campuses.
    So this your talk no sweet for ear.

  11. Solve your problems, government find every means to make excuses for their failure, I believed it will be worse if schools resume, because the students will make the protest even bigger.

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