Lekki toll gate shooting: I haven’t spoken to Buhari directly – Sanwo-Olu

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Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu says he is yet to speak with President Muhammadu Buhari over the shootings at the lekki toll gate on Tuesday the 20th of October.

He said this speaking in a live broadcast on AriseTV on Thursday, 22nd October.

”I made phone calls to the President. I made calls to want to speak with the President twice yesterday. First time he hadn’t come to the office and the second time, he was at the FEC meeting so I haven’t spoken to him directly but I actually did call to want to speak with him but like I said he was at FEC meeting and properly had his briefing.

So he was actually the one that asked the Chief of Defence Staff to call me and I think it was when he got my message because when the Chief of Defence Staff called me, he said to me it was the President that asked him to call.

So I haven’t spoken to him directly. Maybe sometime later today that might happen. I don’t have a report to say this was what he said because we haven’t spoken”, he said


  1. A state governor of the whole state where many people fear dead and wounded and the president has not spoken to the governor of that state that’s very bad. God will judge everyone.

  2. With all the level of civilisation and democracy that we said we are practicing, this type of massacred happened and a sitting president of that nation can’t come out and address his citizens. It is bad of him.

  3. From what you have said, it means that it is the Mr President who ordered the army to kill his followers because if not why would he sent the chief of army staff to call you. Is it to address the nation or what? Kept quiet more than 24hrs.

  4. All the response we get is just more frustrating, a governor can’t speak with the president in two days after the carnage? Wow!

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