Enough is enough! IGP blows hot, asks AIGs, CPs, SPU commanders to immediately restore order nationwide

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The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Muhammed Adamu, NPM, on Saturday October 24, ordered the immediate mobilization of all police operational assets and resources to bring an end to the wanton violence, killings, looting and destruction of public and private property, and reclaim the public space from criminal elements masquerading as protesters in some parts of the country.

The IGP gave the order to all Assistant Inspectors General of Police (AIGs), Commissioners of Police (CPs), Heads of Police Operational Units, Squadron and Base Commanders in charge of Zonal/State/FCT Commands, the Police Mobile Force, Counter Terrorism Unit and the Special Protection Unit, today.

In addition, CPs/Heads of Police Formations in the various states have also been charged to mobilize their men and work in sync with the Command CPs in the areas where they are domiciled, to dominate the public space and ensure peace and safety in the affected areas.

The IGP, while noting that enough is enough to all acts of lawlessness, disruption of public peace and order and wanton violence which have resulted to indiscriminate looting of shops, malls and ware houses, damage to property and loss of lives in some parts of the country, further directs the Police strategic managers to personally lead and coordinate the operation and use all legitimate means, to halt further slide into lawlessness and brigandage.

The IGP enjoins law-abiding citizens not to panic but rather join forces with the police and other members of the law enforcement community to protect their communities from the criminal elements.

He further calls for the understanding and cooperation of the citizens assuring that the action is geared towards ensuring public order and safety and public security in our communities.

The IGP however warns trouble-makers not to test the collective will of the nation by coming out to cause any further breakdown of law and order.


  1. Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait , but more difficult to regret.revolution is the best policy

  2. Firstly, they should try to restore peace and oderlines in the country because the way those thugs and hoodlums are operating is very bad and if not things might get out of hand completely.

  3. The situation on ground now iis pathetic, in the name of protest the hoodlums have taken the advantage to carried out their bad intentions which will be regrettable. How would you destroy what someone has worked for for his or her entire life that is Wickedness. They should better do.

  4. That’s good step lives and properties have lost during the protest and many properties have been vandalized. Look at the situations everywhere, things are getting worse, government should take bold step in curbing this menace.

  5. You people should do anything you wanna do fast now before the youth will start again.
    Its not that both the government and Police don’t know what to do o, they just wanna take the youths for granted and I thank God how out youths show their anger

  6. This is long overdue
    There are peaceful protesters and there are criminals
    The peaceful protesters should be protected while the criminals should be dealt with severely

  7. That’s Good Step Lives And Properties Have Lost During The Protest And Many Properties Have Been Vandalized. Look At The Situations Everywhere, Things Are Getting Worse, Government Should Take Bold Step In Curbing This Menace

  8. You People Should Do Anything You Wanna Do Fast Now Before The Youth Will Start Again.
    Its Not That Both The Government And Police Don’t Know What To Do O, They Just Wanna Take The Youths For Granted And I Thank God How Out Youths Show Their Anger

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