Lekki Shootings: Nobody should believe the military, it has a history of lies and deceits —Falana

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Popular human rights lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) says the military is full of lies and deceit and so should not be listened to.

Speaking at a virtual #EndSARS meeting organised by Omoyele Sowore, publisher of Sahara Reporters, on Wednesday, Falana had said members of the families of those affected by the Lekki shooting have refused to speak about the incident “because of the environment under which we operate.”

Falana who stated that the military is “known for lies and deception,” recalled how the Nigerian Army allegedly covered up the reported killing of 347 Shi’ites in Zaria, Kaduna state, in 2015.

Falana said, “Nobody should believe the military because it has a history of lies, fraud, and deception.

“Just in December 2015, the same Chief of Army Staff, General (Tukur) Buratai claimed that there was a traffic jam in Zaria and the big man wanted to move and because of that traffic, he got soldiers from the first division in Kaduna to mow down Shiites.

“And what was the explanation? That the Shiites wanted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff…and about six or seven persons died.

“But in the Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna State Government, we were told that indeed 347 Nigerians were killed by the military. No autopsy, no postmortem, nothing was done. Their bodies were taken away in the dead of the night and given a mass burial.


  1. The environment we found ourselves in this life is so pathetic, Nigeria is a place where there is no truth at all and if you dare saying it, some elements will be looking for a way to silence the person.

  2. We all know that that military will be talking about security reasons not to tell the truth and on this Earth you can’t tell the truth, one day the truth will surely prevail.

  3. Killing of innocent people by Nigeria army is not New to them and they can go to any length to protect their territory even if worthy of killing innocent people. There is God.

  4. This Falana will not bear his name which literallyly means ‘mind your own’. With Sowere, these people will keep on inciting people again military and government a the day. I remembered the days of Good luck Jonathan. They are lie pedlers, romour monger and rebels. When youths are being killed you will not see their children there. Yeye people…….

  5. No one is a fool and we all know the truth
    But the truth of the matter is that no one is above God Almighty
    God will judge every one according to his or her deeds
    Killing and burying people for no just cause is the worst thing any living soul can do

  6. Buratai na useless man….. Buhari is the cause of all this problems cuz he should have retired him since all this while….

  7. We’re are we going in this country???? We all know how Nigeria army are lying…they are responsible for the killing of innocent in lekki toll gate, please with all the evidence that was provided…why are they still continue to they lie. Please my Nigeria people….what do you expect from BURATAI than to show his stupidity…the person that already due for service in the last 3years back, and our useless President did not do anything on that. This is what you should be expecting from him and useless muhammadu buhari.

  8. I think the Military men were paid for all these lies they have been telling us specially on the this Lekki Toll Gate Shooting that they said no Army man was seen there while the video that went viral show some military men at the scene that Tuesday night.

  9. Good, no respect of human rights from the Nigerian military and other security agencies, they threat people anyhow they like without considering that we are all human being.

  10. Baba International criminal court will take time , don’t worry we the Niger Delta freedom fighters , we do it ourselves, just chill,, e go shock them

  11. It is in there blood to lie. I know them for long. They will never accept there mistakes, even when boko haram kill them they will still deny

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