Don’t go back to a church where only prosperity is preached – John Boyega

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Nigerian-born British actor, John Boyega has warned Christians to leave churches that ignore the present day troubles and preach just about prosperity.

Stating this in a tweet, he wrote;

Christians. Don’t go back to a church that ignores the current issues. Prosperity preaching every Sunday. Kmt.

Replying a follower who advised that going to church should not be concerned with politics, he tweeted; “We are the church. Yes we are

Don't go back to a church where only prosperity is preached - John Boyega 4


  1. Religion is opium to the masses and listening to the preaching of prosperity is the antidote needed to feed the hungry flock. Telling them not to go to these churches that preach prosperity to them is like denying the thirsty water. Pastor Adeboye become what he is today because he feed his congregation with messages of prosperity which gives them hope against all odds. “somebody here will be billionaire tomorrow” and a thunderous alleluha will greet the message

    1. Oga which kind talk be this…if you don’t know what to say abeg keep quiet…Do you even know what prosperity gospel is

      1. The guy hasn’t said anything bad. The church is not only for prosperity. The Bible talks about persecutions, salvation and many more. So preaching only prosperity is dishing a food without other ingredients

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