Oshiomhole will become god like Tinubu is in Lagos – Deji Adeyanju warns Edo people

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Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju has reacted to the just concluded Edo state governorship primaries, warning the people of Edo state to act now or Oshiomhole will take over Edo state the way Tinubu has taken charge of Lagos.
In a tweet, the activist wrote: “Edo people must rise against Oshiomohole if not he will become the god of the state like Tinubu is in Lagos.”


  1. All the politicians are the same if they have their they will hold power till to their last breath, when referring to oshiomole what of those that are in national assembly since 1999. So, not only oshiomole.

  2. Mister, no man is God, Oshiomole is only enacting the script of those in Aso rock. Watch out, with the decampment of Obaseki to Pdp Apc will die a natural death in Edo same with Oshiomole politically

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