My Wife’s Uncle shot me thrice when I was broke – CEO, Coscharis group

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CEO of Coscharis group, Cosmos Maduka has recounted his experience when he was broke and wanted to marry his wife.

In an interview with Plus TV, he said his wife’s uncle shot him thrice as they were an upper class family and he was no where near their level.

The Coscharis boss further added that his wife is now the Vice President of Coscharis Motors and also uses a credit card that has no limit. Maduka further narrated how he taught his wife financial discipline.


  1. One would have loved to know how ur wifes uncle shot you three good times and you escaped unhurt those three times. In anyway, when a woman love and believe in her man, she goes to any lenght to support him. Yours is no exceptional. Ur giving her a blank cheque shows the amount of trust you have for her. To descerning minds, wife is intergral part and parcel of man that supposed not to have any secret between them, but share and enjoy and endure their lives togetherly.

  2. That’s a lesson to everyone of us that we shouldn’t depend on anybody except Almighty God. Today you should be given glory to Almighty God for he has done for and for not let you down. But remember to be good to everyone.

  3. This is a story of patience till the battle is won. It may not look like it but there’s a possibility for a bright tomorrow

  4. That’s A Lesson To Everyone Of Us That We Shouldn’t Depend On Anybody Except Almighty God. He can lift you from the bottom to the top

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