Yakubu Dogara has been put under a spell by the APC, I pray God delivers him – FFK

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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode has reacted to the defection of former speaker of house of representative, Yakubu Dogara from the Peoples democratic party, PDP to the All progressives Congress, APC.

In a series of tweets he shared via his twitter handle, he wondered how such a good man like Yakubu Dogara would leave the light of PDP and willingly enter into the darkness of APC, further claiming that he must have been put under a spell as it is the stock in trade of the APC.

He also prayed that God delivers Dogara and cause him to come back to his senses.

His tweet:

“Yakubu Dogara was not just a leader in the PDP but he was also Speaker of the House. When he left APC and joined PDP, he was welcomed with joy and open arms. He enjoyed immense goodwill in the party and always exhibited the traits of a kind-hearted, soft-spoken & warm gentleman. He is also a very good Christian.

“Given all this I cannot understand how such a good man can leave the light of PDP & willingly enter into the darkness of APC.

“It is simply unbelievable & inexplicable. This is especially so given the fact that I happen to know that my brother Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state treated him with so much respect, generosity and kindness.

“I am convinced that he has been put under a spell and is the victim of some form of demonic ritual voodoo spell & witchcraft. I expect nothing less from the APC because that is their stock in trade. They are a party whose leaders are well versed in the black arts, the occult & sorcery.

“My prayer is that God delivers Dogara & cause him to come to his senses .It is never too late to return to the light and I believe that one day he will. This is because nothing good can come from the darkness of satan and those that bask in it and worship and serve him.

“Nothing wholesome can EVER come out of APC because it is a party of heartless and merciless thugs, cultists, fraudsters, rogues and gangsters that is steeped in blood. It is the darkness that seeks the darkness.

“Yakubu is far too good to be part of this bloodsucking coven of warlocks and witches and I have no doubt that his great, gallant and noble Sayyawa people, whom I am very close to and who I know well, will NEVER follow him there. I urge him to remember that there is NO fellowship between light and darkness and that he is a child of light and a son of the Living God.

“I implore him to get deliverance, retrace his steps and leave the camp of the Egyptians and Philistines before it is too late and before they use, dump, rubbish and destroy him. I urge him to return to the ranks of the righteous and the faithful and to be the man that he was destined to be.”


  1. Do politicians have an agenda, you people are politicians without agenda because if you have an agenda you won’t be jumping from one place to another (one party to the other). Everyone of you need deliverance not only dogara. You people don’t have integrity.

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