Nollywood is now full of Yahoo boys and Prostitutes — Actor Yemi Solade

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Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade has shared his thoughts about the Nigerian movie industry which according to him is now filled with Yahoo boys and prostitutes. 

The veteran actor who made the damning revelation in an interview with The Tribune, accused the gatekeepers of Nollywood of allowing unprofessionals to fill spaces meant for those who truly have the passion for the craft.

Solade said; 

“The Nollywood is not there right now. The Nolllywood you see now is all encompassing. It’s like an uncompleted building that is not guarded and what you meet there would amaze you. It has become an all comers affair, anybody can stroll in and act. All the Yahoo boy are now there, all the prostitutes that you can imagine are there.

“People cannot even differentiate between the core professionals and these class of clowns who have infiltrated the association, but they didn’t just fly in, some people whom you refer to as core professionals brought them in.

“It’s just so porous that anybody can become an actor, the entry point is so porous and annoying. It’s a profession and it must be handled and treated as one. I am not really pleased with the state of the industry. It’s a professional body and we must portray ourselves as one that has mastered the art and craft of the profession.”


  1. Short of words because you too have already had divided house and when the house is divide, the door would open for anybody to move in. It means that the leadership of the art and craft did not stand firm, there ought to be thorough screening before accepting the people to the association but now the reverse is the case. If you wish you can still bring out the bad eggs among you

  2. I don’t there is still discipline in the association because some things have lost in industry i.e culture, indecent dressing, uniqueness etc. The leaders of the association should restructure the film industry in order to regain its lost glory. Those people you think they are prostitute, yahoo, etc. Should be screened out and the industry will be back to its stand and be great.

  3. I am just hearing this for the first time
    All the same if this is true, the body in charge of the nollywood industry should try to sanitize the industry
    Allowing every dick and harry to just jump in and out of the industry is quite unfair and will give a bad name to it
    A professional body like nollywood that passes information to the public is not supposed to be a dumping ground for all manners of persons

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